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Country United States
State California
City Milpitas
Address 1605 S MAin St Ste 125
Phone 1-833-439-8712

NTS IT CARE, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2019

I had them do the cleanup and 1 yr service on my computer in October and then December 13th they call me and tell me their server went down and they needed to repair the things on my computer and then they told me that because it was their fault they were going to refund me my $150.

They pulled up my visa account and said they would put the money back into my account and as I looked at it they put in $2500 instead and said Oh they were so sorry and Oh my gosh now they have to get their money back and so I would have to go to a Walmart Or Target and get 4 $500 gift cards to send to them.

I questioned this action right away and said that does not sound like any business practice I ever heard of and it sounded like a scam to me and he got upset and I got real upset and so then he made it look like on my visa account that I owed my visa $12000 and that made me real angry and he said he could do anything he liked and then he pulled up my bank account and made it look like he took all my money out.

Well I got REAL EXTREAMLY MAD AND SAID ALOT OF CHOICE WORDS. I told him I had his number and I was going to hang up and call my bank and call my visa card company and the county attorney as I was sure this was a scam and he threatened me and said he wanted his money and I better get it for him and I had to promise I would not call bank, visa or attorney and in a few choice words I told him to go to hell and hung up at which time they tried calling me back several times and leaving voice mail which I did not return.

I tried uninstalling their program off my computer and they had also put some kind of block on my computer which I tried to take off too and I had to take to a tech to get their programs removed from my computer and changed my IP address. They are a Rip Off and a Scam in a big way

  • Oct 22, 2019

Then they said there system went down and my computer was in need repair again,but they said I would get my money back,yea right, they put 1,500.00 in my checking account oh they did a mistake, so could you go with my credit card and get 1500.00 of gift card's I said NO,you just take that money out of my account that you put in. they tryed yea right, go go to the walmart and get the gift card's or we will shut your computer down, I told them your a rip off, you towel head's,so I SHUT THE COMPUTER DOWN AND MY PHONE. SO HERE WE ARE.

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