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NTS Direct

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Bolton
Address 41 Main Street
Phone 8774835393

NTS Direct Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2018

Got me too

Hit me for about 3 grand. Everybody needs to work together to force these guys out of business. Here is my normal process when this happens.

- Send the invoice to the end user (the company you worked at). This will insure NTS/Coastal will not do business with that customer again.

- Do file a claim in court in your jurisdiction. I always name the owners personally also.

- Write a letter to the states attorney general where they are located

- Also copy the secretary of state.

  • Dec 7, 2017

I have two non paid invoices from 2016 that were never paid. I contacted Dan and he said he would get them paid but I never received payment. the invoices were for $156.00 and $339.25. I have signed work order but no one has contacted me anymore from this company. After reading some of the rip off reports, it is obvious I am not alone

  • Jul 25, 2017

Do not ever use this company, I am currently trying to get the Commonwealth AG to investigate for RICO statute. Has defrauded me of more than 6 thousand dollars, will pay 1st initial invoice then stiff you. Chris Schafer is the CEO and his jerk theif son, Scott is the Ops Manager. Chris personal cell is 412-680-6046.

Their accounting dept. will never return phone calls or emails. All my invoices were signed off properly. The thing that hurts the worst is putting material into jobs and getting stiffed on those. Labor is labor, but the hard currency stiole is a killer. DO NOT USE, you've been warned!

Hopefully the law will arrest these theives due to their interstate fraud.

  • Jun 9, 2017

Received 3 separate PO's for requested sub work. 2 from Dan Peat ([email protected]) and 1 from Marty Sorg ([email protected]) Worked completed and billed. It is now 90 days and cannot get payment !!! DO NOT do wor for this company.

  • Oct 3, 2016

It looks like this company is in a financial bind and is not paying its bills to their subcontractors. We did some work for them in May 2016 and still have not been paid. When you first press them for payment they will ask for a W-9 and tell you the check will be in the mail soon. When you next inquire they will tell you the check will be in the next check run (about 4 weeks out). Each subcontractor needs to make their own choices but I will never do any more work for them and I hope you do not.

  • May 23, 2016

I have contacted Jim Carlin in accounting initially and promised to pay but never, have recently sent copies of all invoices to accounting and let voice mail with Rose who answered the call, still no repsonse either email or telephone, these were valid work orders signed by NTS customers at the time. I would like to have payment rather than pursue legal action. Any help in collection would be fine.

NTS Directhas not paid (5) invoices dating back to July 2015. Initially all invoices were sent to accounting dept, to

Jim Carlin, and he promised to pay in a timely manner but never fulfilled promise. I made several attempts to get

paid via emails and telephone calls to NTS and either Dan or Scott transferred call to accounting (Jim) and he never

responded after numerous calls and emails. I received a letter from Brian A. Suttons CPA in November 2015 and

stated to document invoices and send a currect W9 which was complied with and still no response as of May 2016.

I called NTS and Dan answered the call and I asked if they were still in Business and he repsonded affirmative and

he transferred call to accounting and Rose answered the cal (Voice Mail)l and I gave her information via vmail.

In addition, I sent all of the information concerning the unpaid invoices again to accounting at NTS Direct and stll

no response or calls to indicate what NTS Direct intends to do with these invoices.

Any help in collection would be appreciated in advance.

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