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report scam

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 1580 E Edinger Ave, Suite T
Phone (714) 592-8000
Website Reviews

  • Apr 7, 2018

These guys are representing themselves as federal agents police officers and Detectives flashing fake badges harassing and threatening people as such for information allowing individuals with revoked and or suspended licenses to act as legit investigators all of this information can be verified I have them on camera doing such the owners have been charged with such crimes as assault battery felonies in Orlando and around Florida which is why they have relocated to do business in California this is a situation law enforcement really needs to do some investigating on.

  • Sep 18, 2017

We hired MJ to investigate. He created false leads and evidence to needlessly perpetuate the investigation just to add additional charges. As it turned out MJ never really tried to investigate our matter. He merely performed a charade so he appeared to be working. He also fabricated associate PIs who supposedly worked for him however, these additional PIs did not actually exist and I had to pay for it.

In the aftermath of MJ's felonious behavior we had to examine Magad Youssef. He claims to have been a police officer in Florida but he has never been a cop in any state. In fact he has some interesting arrest reports in Florida. One reports MJ's crime of posing as a fashion photographer in a Florida hotel. He lured an innocent model into his hotel room and attempted to sexually assalt her. He went to jail for it.

I am nonplused at what criteria the State of California uses for vetting and qualifying PIs. The way BSIS allows dishonest PIs to operate is shameful, they know what goes on.

If someone opposes or reports MJ, he threatens them.

At 8:45am on 9/26/17 MJ will be sued in an OC court for $349,000.00 for fraud on a client (Peeples vs Youseff). Maybe those of us who have been his victims should all go and jeer him on.

This man is a thief with a license to steal and defraud. You should STAY AWAY FROM MJ at all costs, or, it will be your costs!

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