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report scam

Country United States
State Alabama
Website Reviews

  • May 6, 2018

This company sent me a product that is nothing like what I ordered. This meaning I wanted to return the item, after reading all of the information on their website about how to return the item I followed all of their steps to do so. I sent them the email with my stuff they needed to return the email with no response for over 2 weeks. I emailed them about 7 times and tried to contact them on Facebook with no response. They finally responded after I threaten to report them.

The company then refused to give me their return address after multiple emails and Facebook messages. They do not want me to return the item and will not refund my purchase. After spending over $20 on an item they are offering me $2 to not return the item, all while they refuse to give me a return address. After multiple times of me saying no thank you, I want the return address they then offered me $6.

Do not buy from this company!! They are a fake scamming website that won't let you return any items and withhold your money.

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