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Northwestern California University School of Law

Country United States
State California
City Sacramento
Address 2151 River Plaza Dr #306
Phone 916-920-9470

Northwestern California University School of Law Reviews

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  • Jul 13, 2020

I have never been in a school that would dismiss first year students on their first official grading without giving them a chance at probation nor a warning before dismissal. This school could do a despicable and unfair thing like summarily dismissing a D student without any warning.

For a busy executive who wants to learn, and takes full responsibility for one's own performance, it is disappointing that a school does not retain its students as much as possible. It is downright perplexing.

I have also never been in a school where the people in charge hide their student handbook and don't make it publicly available nor downloadable and accessible for enrolled students. Effectively, when they make decisions that surprise students, we have no copy of the student handbook to refer to except what snippets they make available to you to give you a seemingly fair appeal process.

Effectively, a school like this does not uphold its service mandate as an educational institution to be a place conducive for growth and learning but behaves unpredictably and unfairly to paying students who find a year wasted with them with no opportunity to take the Baby Bar.

I cannot help but feel cheated by such a school of a year's dues and a year's time.

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  • Oct 10, 2016

NWCU LAW is a fraudulent law school based in Sacramento CA. The school frauds it's self by showing they are a cheap and affordable law school to persuade students to join and save money the next thing you know they steal your money and make up an excuse to not let you graduate or sit for the bar exam. NWCU LAW has fraudulent professors that are your enemy not friends because they are apart of the scam. Do not trust any of the professors there or believe anything they say they are all evil and just want to steal your money and ruin your legal careers.

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  • Aug 19, 2020

Not their fault

First of all, it is not the school’s fault that this person has had low grades while attending the school, or has failed the FYLSE or the Bar Exam. You were supposed to purchase a Bar Review membership, and I personally recommend Kaplan’s. Also, every single DISTANCE LAW SCHOOL requires its students to have at least higher than average grades on all of their courses (classes) or they will be dropped from the program. You as a LAW STUDENT should’ve read the handbook and the contract you’re signing while enrolling into the school. It’s not their fault that you’ve failed to do so and comply with their requirements.

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  • May 13, 2020

Good school

It’s tough to be a licensed lawyer through attending an online law school. You have to be self disciplined and determinative. When I started, there were about 270 students. Four years later, 5 students passed the CA bar exam on the first attempt. That’s 1%. However, it’s not the school’s fault that there is such a slim chance. School provides everything you need. It’s really up to you whether you study or not. I thought the program was affordable, resourceful and the professors were all great. You just have to determine to pass this exam from the beginning like you are gonna win the Olympic gold medal four years later. It’s no fraud, but I have to say all the students who paid the tuition and dropped out supported my success because had there not been those students, my education from this school was not possible. It’s true. You just gotta strive to be that 1%. It’s not a lottery. It can be achieved by hard work.

  • Jul 30, 2015

NWCULAW ( NorthWestern California University School of Law) Buyer Beware NWCULAW ( NorthWestern California University School of Law) is a Fraud Phony Scam of a School.

This School will take your money without giving you a degree. Please read the LATIMES article about 9/10 students not making it to the end. It is becuase they steal your money and they dont let you graduate. They are a fraud,scam law school that just wants your money and does not care to help you graduate or pass the bar. The Teachers and the dean there are EVil people. They are all apart of the scam. Buyer Beware.

Please ignore all the good comments about the school becuase they are false.The School pays someone to write dthose false comments about them so they can get more sucker customers.

NWCULAW ( NorthWestern California University School of Law) is a fruad, scam, crook, Theif.

Donnt waste your money or time with this bullshit intituition.

LA Times Investigation

Nearly 9 in 10 students drop out of unaccredited law schools in California such as NWCULAW.

Research shows: Medina's first-year class in the fall of 2006 had 414 students; 54 remained by the fourth year, data showed.

Of the few who completed classes at the unaccredited law schools, only 1 in 5 ever became a lawyer, according to state records.

Buyer Beware: The Dean and all its teachers are apart of this scam.

  • Oct 3, 2015

Good program for working professionals

The school is legitimate. It teaches standard law school curriculum. Professors are licensed attorneys. Study at the school qualifies students to take CA bar. If a student has sufficient aptitude and devotes proper amount of time to studying, he/she will pass. Just like ABA law schools, the material is difficult - remember, it's law school - so not everyone will pass. Fortunately, tuition is extremely low, so if a student fails out, their out of pocket expense is much less than it would have been if they attended a brick and mortar law school. The low tuition, flexible scheduling, and online / correspondence format enables working professionals and people who don't live near a brick and mortar law school an otherwise unavailable opportunity to study law, and more importantly, qualify to take the CA Bar Exam. Caution: to succeed, be prepared to study 16-20 hours per week on nights and weekends if you wish to pass.

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