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Northstar California Resort

Country United States
State California
City Truckee
Address 5001 Northstar Dr
Phone 530-562-1010

Northstar California Resort Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2016

In the lift line, when I asked him to ride under control, the 6 foot man yelled at, threatened and grabbed me (I’m 5 foot 2 and was carrying a big filming camera and wearing a large backpack). He was inches from my face, with his body pressed against me, and had grabbed my shoulders.

“What are you gonna do b****, f****** cry about it? You can’t even f****** ride, b****. You know who you’re f****** with?! I’ll have you kicked out! You don’t know who you’ve f***** with now! You’re f****** dead! Are you gonna cry, little girl? Go f****** cry cause you’re f****** dead!”

I called to the lift operator for help.

..... He said something in his radio, but made no move to help me.

The man continued his assault. “What’s your name, b****? You’re dead. You’re f****** dead! Give me your name. What’s your name?! Awww, are you gonna f****** cry?!”

I told him 3 times to get away from me and stop touching me. I even told him I had pepper spray in my pocket and I would use it on him if he didn’t get off me. (I don’t s****.>

He continued assaulting me. While holding my big filming camera in the crook of my right arm, I slapped at him with my left gloved hand to try to get him off me.

“You’re f****** dead!” He screamed again as he came at me and hit me in my left eye with his bare fist. I was stunned from the punch and started to cry.

A man in the lift line who was going past us, stopped and said, “Dude, you just hit a girl.”

“So?! Who cares?!” the man who had hit me replied.

“DUDE. You hit a GIRL,” the man in the lift line repeated.

“She deserved it,” he said and turned back to me. He continued verbally and physically assaulting me as he kneeled down and grabbed my left upper thigh — he held my thigh still as I struggled to get out of his grasp. The lift operator, who had finally walked over near us made no effort to stop the man from grabbing my thigh.

“Danelle. That’s your name, b****? Danelle. You’re gonna burn, Danelle. I can’t believe you touched me, b****. You’re so dead.” He had read my name off the pass attached to my thigh.

“Leave me alone!” I cried.

The lift operator asked me to step out of the lift line to wait for security. As I stepped out of the line, then stood silently, the man who hit me had also stepped outside the liftline; he stood 10 feet away from me, continuing to taunt and verbally assault me. “You’re a f****** b****, Danelle. I’m gonna get you kicked out of here. I WILL have you kicked out. I’ll have your pass taken away. Keep crying little b****. Go ahead and f****** cry…” As his friends came down the mountain he would point at me and loudly tell them I was a f****** crazy b**** and that he was going to have me kicked out and have my pass taken away. My 9 year-old was standing there listening to all of it. He had witnessed the entire assault. The lift operator stood near us and neither said nor did anything to stop the ongoing verbal assault and threats. My goggles had been off because I needed to see the camera screen when I was filming my son on the jumps, but now I pulled the goggles down over my eyes so no one would see the tears streaming from them.

Thinking about it after the fact, I suspect the lift operator (a local) knew the man who assaulted me (another local).

When security arrived, the man who assaulted me told security that I was a crazy b****. The lift operator — unbelievably — seemed to back up the man who assaulted me. I wasn’t taken seriously, I wasn’t allowed to speak, I was cut off and told I was a liar. My nine year-old spoke up and told security “that guy grabbed my mom and screamed in her face and punched her”, but they told my son they wouldn’t take a statement from him because he’s a minor.

The worst experience wasn’t being assaulted, but that my son and I thought we would be safe once security arrived… instead I was bullied, told that I was emotional, and treated like I got what I deserved. I was told the assault was my fault for asking the s****.>

I continued being told that I shouldn’t have talked to the man, and what did I expect? (Not to be punched in the face seems like a reasonable expectation.) The way the male employees seemed to rally around this man who had violently attacked a much smaller woman was disturbing.

I don’t know if I ever want to s****.>

Northstar security told me that if I called police to the resort to report being assaulted, they would take my Vail Resorts Epic pass away permanently and that the police would be angry with me for bothering them. The next day, Northstar took my pass away anyway.

(When I filed a police report, the police officer told me he was extremely upset that Northstar would scare me into not calling the police, and that the resort tries to govern itself by not reporting assaults. The officer also said that he is called to Northstar resort ALL the time — that Northstar Resort keeps him in business — and that there is a group of men in their terrain park that he deals with constantly. There are obviously some major safety issues going on at Northstar, which explains why they don’t want more police at the resort. Because these issues were ongoing long before I was assaulted in their park, Northstar absolutely knew about the dangerous environment they were harboring. When I mentioned this to customer service on the phone, the customer service employee admitted Northstar has many problems with safety in their park, but said these things take time to fix.)

I’ve been my son Wesley’s s****.>

He’s only 9. All he could do is watch as his mother was attacked. We were supposed to be on a 2 week trip to Lake Tahoe for Wes to be photographed and filmed there.

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