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North Shore Auto Brokers

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 829 N.E. 1st ave.
Phone 954-728-9420

North Shore Auto Brokers Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2015

Here is the body of the email that i sent to Keith Melanson after receiving the car:

Hi Keith

Although I realize that I purchased a used automobile, there are clearly problems with the car that were not disclosed in your description on eBay. Had I been aware of some of these issues, I don't believe that I would have paid what I did or even bought the car. But here we are and I don't want to make this impossible to remedy.

Known issues:

Car had not been detailed upon arrival. Trash-napkins, empty water bottle, carpet debris, inside windows-filthy

Paint was described as "no scratches or dings" see attachment of your description. All four rims have curb rash. There are multiple scratches and discoloration that I am being told by a very reputable detailer will probably not come out. Clear coat is gone above edge of driver side headlight. I sent you the detailer contact information if you would like to discuss-ask for Donna.. I believe that they can get it passable as they are good at what they do.

Passenger seat has two scratches that maybe the detailer will take care of this

Driver side mirror will power adjust left and right but not up and down. Passenger side is fine.

Car does not have a spare tire

Tire pressure monitor light has been on since the first time I turned the key. I have checked and adjusted tire pressure with no results.

Front speakers rattle and after speaking with installer, 6X9 s are shot. Stereo has been removed before as evidenced by crack in dash-see picture- and missing trim piece between radio and cd player

Courtesy light/map light lens cover on drivers side is missing. I looked for one of these without success. They want to sell the whole $700 assembly. Hopefully you have a source for this item.

Seat memory buttons would not operate but I have since troubleshot out of that one. You have to run the seat the entire range front to back until it beeps and then you can set the memory FYI.

Garage door button will not program.. In fact the power indicator on it won't work. I'll keep working on this one.

Again, Keith, I am not trying to be a hard a*s here and I understand that the seat memory and garage door opener issues would be easy to miss but the paint, stereo, side mirror, tire pressure monitor and the light lens are very obvious even to the untrained eye and ears. The car drives fine so far. I have sold over $3.5 million dollars of goods on ebay since 2002 and to this day maintain a 100% positive feedback rating-as you do. Your reputation is your biggest selling point. I based my purchase on your description of the car and your feedback rating. I feel sure that we can come to terms on this. I know that you are on vacation so don't bother with this now but please give me a call the first of the week to discuss.

Kindest regards,


And then a follow up email after not receiving any correspondence:


Since you won't take my calls, let me fill you in on what else you didn't disclose on this "excellent" automobile.

TPMS sensors have been removed, which is illegal.

Speakers were replaced yesterday-both were blown, I'll bring the pictures to court with me and someone had already been in the door and scratched up the panel and screws are missing. Speakers $194 for pair, refurbished and $70 labor to install.

Headlights were so dim that I thought there might be a problem-there is-lamps had been replaced with aftermarket crap and incorrectly installed and they destroyed the assembly on the passenger side-part alone is $1200 - paid $325 to repair unsafe headlights. I'll bring that along to court also.

Driver side mirror is a $700 item.

If you are going to sell on ebay, non disclosure of these types of items is a very bad way to do business. It has now become a matter of principle, not money at this point. I trusted you to do the right thing and obviously that is not how you conduct business. I an not a fan of being defrauded and that what you have done to me.

All of the other items listed below are still on the table. I await your reply. Please advise.

Phillip Calametti

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