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North Georgia Automotive

Country United States
State Georgia
City Acworth
Address 2405 GA-92
Phone 770-529-4333

North Georgia Automotive Reviews

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  • Jun 18, 2016

I just want to say these people are very good at what they do they had a loan company that was on site that help me pay for my truck to get fixed little did I know that when I pick my truck up they actually stole my exhaust and replaced it with a much older set and when I brought this to their attention the man named Bill totally denied my accusations little to the fact I took pictures before I took it in and when I got my truck back none of the pictures matched what they were supposed to do it was only supposed to get a transmission replacement or must I say rebuild instead it was actually replaced with a junkyard transmission and charge me $1,600 for doing so I tried to go to the police they told me I would spend more money then what it would be worth to actually just leave it alone please avoid this place by all means they will steal your parts off your car and replace them with other ones

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  • Sep 5, 2017

Took my vehicle to have an engine swap done from a 305/to a 350 conversation. During this period, I was lied to by the owner Shawn to my face on several occasions, was absolutely rude in his interactions with me and it was all caught on video. After I got my car back from him, I ran very poorly and could not hold compression. I asked him to honor the warranty and I was basically told to "F-off", it wasn't until we went to court and the judge ordered him to honor the warranty and fix my car, well, luck would have it he did the minimum to get my car running, and then gave it back in the same manner it was before. Check engine light is on and I can't get it emissions done on it, so there is sits. Just left court for the second time with this guy and bless his heart, he wanted me to serve time for writing a negative review on his Hilarious this guy. It's all public record, and he lied on the stand to the judge face saying he has never changed his company name and they have always been North Georgia Automotive, when it's apparent all over the Internet his aliases North GA Auto North Georgia Automotive North Georgia Auto NG Auto Inc. I have had other ASE Certified professional mechanics look at the vehicle and have all concluded this motor was poorly built and is trash. I have put 100 miles on the car since the first time I got it from him, not even a hundred miles and those were to try and become within emission compliance. It is our job as fellow consumers to help protect and warm and alert each other as to businesses like this. If there were business like this, we would not need sites like this. Due to the court, I can't say or post alot of the evidence that I have that is a direct reflection of this review. If any needs would like to contact me for further information and assistance, please, please reach out to me. I don't mind at all if it means protecting you from being taken.

  • Nov 29, 2016

When it comes to North Ga Auto in Acworth Ga DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!

Disappointing and COSTLY is the best I can say. I had used North Ga Auto before for a rebuilt engine and although not completely satisfied with their work or customer service I justified the problems by saying they did as good a job as anyone else would probably have done.

That being said the transmission job they just “completed” on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with over 250K was horrendous and costly.


9/7/16 – transmission appeared to go out – contacted North Ga Auto – car picked up

10/4/16 - One month of rental car charges later the car was finally “ready” (loaner vehicles are available from North Ga Auto but when you see them you’ll pay for rental). During the four weeks they had the vehicle several calls were made to North Ga Auto requesting updates but I was always told “I’ll call you back”. Not once did that call come. I had elected to have a couple of other items repaired while they had it but the delay always blamed on the transmission work. Due to a new customer project I was unable to pick up the Cherokee up until later in the week but now communications FROM North Ga were many and often wanting payment. Said they didn’t care when I picked it up but needed payment asap. NOW they can make a phone call.

10/7/16 – After a $32 + tip UBER fare (North Ga Auto is approximately 30 miles from my customer project) I picked vehicle up and headed for Greenville SC (approximately 150 miles away). Engine light came on about ¾ of the way to Greenville but all instruments registered ok and no obvious issues occurred other than the light. Being in transportation for over thirty (30) years I’ve seen my share of faulty panel lights but contacted North Ga Auto to advise them of the issue. I was told it was probably a faulty sensor light and bring it back when possible and it would be checked out.

10/24/16 – finally scheduled back to Atlanta. It made it to my customer’s location but the transmission failed again and would not go in to gear. Contacted North Ga Auto and car was picked up 10/25/16. Another rental vehicle starts. Approximately a week + later I was told the computer was now bad and one was ordered. Would only be about $75. Amazing that the return problem is never a warranty issue.

11/18/16 - After several follow up calls for a status I was finally told the computer was installed and the car was ready but now cylinder 5 was misfiring and could be repaired at a cost (I don’t remember how much) pretty quick. The one thing I have always known and practiced is for good customer service you fix the issue requested BEFORE you try suggestive selling. As North Ga Auto tried to sell me something else I was in the process of explaining that I wanted to make sure the original problem was corrected before we started spending more $$$. I’m sure my tone probably showed obvious frustration because about midway of saying no to the add on work I was cut off and told to “just come get your vehicle” and they hung up.

11/18/16 – Another UBER fare to North Ga Auto. Upon arrival my contact suspiciously was not available but one of the ladies finally found my invoice and said no charge. I questioned the no charge rate since I’d been told the computer part was at least $75 but she verified the “repairs” were no charge and then spent ten (10) minutes trying to find my keys. Keys finally located and within one mile of leaving North Ga Auto I discovered why there had been no charge. Truly believe nothing was ever done in the time it had been there. I did find an oil filter box in the front seat which was strange since an oil change was not completed on my vehicle. I started to take the vehicle back again but decided I had LOST enough $$$ and time with this issue. Fortunately the car made it back to my customer’s location. They have an equipment and vehicle mechanic that they recommended take a look at the problem. Per his inspection the transmission rear seal was leaking and he stated that the gasket was never replaced. Transmission rebuild?? His best guess is the extra work I had originally requested was probably completed due to the ease of the job and higher profit and the transmission was well???? I’m not sure there was ever a transmission problem to start with???

ALL that being said. A $1900 transmission rebuild has at last count cost about $3000 +. My first thought was to scream, curse, and possibly legal action but I have obviously wasted enough time and $$$ here. Mechanic for my customer handled the rear seal issue, new plugs and wires for the cylinder 5 issue, and a couple of other little items I had planned for North Ga Auto to complete once they repaired my main concern. His cost, along with parts, was less than $300.

Please take this for what it is worth. Talk to multiple repair centers and check out their BBB Rating as well as any reviews posted from clients.

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