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North American Award Center

Country United States
State Missouri
City Kansas City
Address 1401 Armour Rd, North
Phone 816-842-5510

North American Award Center Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2018

This North American Award Center is nothing but a rip off praying on Seniors and unexpecting individuals, sending out promising letters thousands of dollars to win as long as individuals pay entrance fees, handling fees, and processing fees Expecting to win winding up being duped and swindled out of everything. After the third or forth time sending them money than I knew it was an ongoing scam and figured to step up and warn people that not to do Buisness with this Company

  • Dec 12, 2017

I sent them 13.00 now i get another letter for more money but their intention is to keep getting money but give me false promise saying that i am getting money that i have not recieved and wont recieve.

hope this is not legal

  • Oct 3, 2016

Official-looking, wordy document announcing chance to win $21,000 in 3 contests, each of which has an entry fee of $10 up to $260. They also request $9.00 just to register. this is the third mailing received in the past few weeks from different addresses using this same type of complex bullsh*t to scam folks. i'm sure they target us seniors in particular, as we are considered more vunerable and trusting. please be careful of any contests or announcements of winnings that ask for money-they are definitely Ripoffs!

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