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Norman Heidlebaugh

Country United States
State Ohio
City Spencerville
Address Allentown Rd
Phone 646-493-3456

Norman Heidlebaugh Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2015

Someone started calling some of the lead lists our company has purchased and talking to them about being approved for a refinance and that they need to send a check for $350 to $10,000 to fund and close the loan. We first thought there was a specific data breach with our company but we called the scammer directly and acted like a consumer and figured out what they are doing exactly and it goes something like this....

They call you and they start talking about your mortgage and then get you to start talking and yuou naturually start thinking you are talking to the person that is helping you with your transaction so then they start claiming trhat they are the same person an they change their name or say yes i am working with that person and they state their name now that they know the name by you giving it to them and long story short they ask you to send them moneygram or western union for $350 and that you need to make a payment now.

The number is (646)493-3456

The guy we called back was impersonating and claiming to be Thomas with our client and we called that same number back and acted like someone else and then they said they are "Michael Williams" and that they work with "Reese" and I asked oh whats Rees's last name and they kept beating around the question and then they said "Spencervish" or "Spencerwish". I asked them oh is Thomas there and can I talk to them and then they said no he is out and then I asked whats Thomas's lastname and they couldnt give it to me.

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