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Norma C. Salceda, MD, F.A.C.O.G.

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 1535 S Western Ave Suite G
Phone 323-733-1885

Norma C. Salceda, MD, F.A.C.O.G. Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2017


I went there because my ex. primary doctor referred me there in 2016. We

hear stories about doctors scamming medi-CAL healthcare insurance. Well

the FBI overlook them.

Norma sent me to get ultrasound at a radiology center on Wilshire Blvd.

And she made an appointment to see her again to get t.he result.

So I went to the radiology center and did what I suppose to do.

Then I came to my appointment and I didn't hear what she said about my fibroid.

She wanted to do the biopsy on the same day. But they changed their mind and made an appointment to do the biopsy on me.

I didn't come back for that appointment. But they called me, even mailed me letter to ask me to come by so that they can do the biopsy.

I feel that I didn't need to do the biopsy. I was 45 years old... near menopause. Of course I am going to have uterus thickening and estrogen dominance.

I came back there after bleeding heavily and only wanted to know the size of the FIBroID that she never told me ....

And they didn't have my result... they lost it. I guess I scared them when I asked for the medical record for the government - Social Security to look at.

But anyway... Norma wasn't there... but her substitute was there... She told me 19 cm fibroid tumor. I didn't believe her....

So I went to UCLA Emergency Room and did the ultrasound there... And my fibroid is just 5 cm..... a size of a lemon.

I went to my mailbox and read that Norma Salcema had requested surgery on my private part from my insurance company.

After they had lied to me, why do I want them to touch me?

I don't know how many women's uterus that they have taken and getting $$$ from insurance.

But I hope other women read this before they do hysterectomy. PLEASE Get 2nd opinion... ALWAYS. Because

there may not be anything wrong with you....

I ordered progesterone cream... and took 3 times amount.... and I haven't had my period in 10 days... which is a good thing.... and I don't have to take iron or anything...

It works well for me... something that they should have done instead of calling the police on me.

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