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Country United States
State Pennsylvania

Nocoatkitty Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2017

I'm sorry but Tracy never makes any money off her kittens?? Who the fu*k you trying to fool? Charges $1800- $2500 a kitten and sends them with vaccinations. That's it. Have a single look at her Facebook page and watch her talk about her $500 shoes and $1000 mini dresses. She paid for all of that by being a bartender/shot girl? We all get Tracy is trying to have her friends come on here and blow a lot of smoke up our a*s but don't even try bother saying she doesn't make money hand over fist off her kittens.

Especially from people that don't even have cats from her! Tell you what, post documentation of your fecal examinations with PCR panel done and tell me that her cats don't have giardia and coccidia. How many times a week does she have to post in her NoCoat Kitty Friends group, "Please don't stop feeding them Royal Canin! If you don't feed Royal Canin your cat will have diarrhea.

Don't talk to me about mushy poop and blood in their stool if you don't feed what I feed." Nope. You just get that standard with every No Coat kitten. Food doesn't make cats have bloody stool Tracy.

How about this? Anyone reading this that buys a kitten from Tracy. Ask for all vet records, copies of parent's HCM screenings then get your kitten color paneled (UC Davis does this by cheek swab) and get a PCR fecal done on your kittens. See who comes out right in the end.

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