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Noble House Tattoo & Piercing

Country United States
State Georgia
City Stockbridge
Address 5406 N Henry Blvd
Phone (404) 735-1187

Noble House Tattoo & Piercing Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2020

Jonas h*o at Noble House Tattoo is a major fraud (see Before and After pics in this link He was paid $600 to do "Skin Tone Cover-up" work on 2 small spots on my face. This matching tattoo color should have made the 2 darker areas disappear, but that is not what happened. When he was done, I noticed several blisters all over my face in areas I never asked him to touch.

I used the cream and soap he gave me, but it was worthless since the scabs fell off in 4 days leaving pink spots. I knew when I saw those pink spots they would get dark soon after as pink spots always do on my skin. This shows that Jonas h*o has absolutely no experience in this area, and he was simply learning as he went along while grinding sores into my face. He also refused to show any previous work in this area when requested.

I confronted him about this 5 days after his horrible work, and he would not explain anything as he just displayed his rude attitude. He would say over and over to come back in 30 days. Two months went by before he finally agreed to finish his flawed work. He ended up making the same mistakes on February 14th 2020 that he did back in December. He put bleeding blisters all over my face. I am mainly sending this message to help others before they also become Jonas h*o's victim. Jonas h*o would not even apologize for putting scars all over my face and ruining my social life.

He actually blamed me for his mistakes. Jonas h*o even scammed me out of a refund by telling me to wait 6 to 9 months for the tattooing to work. I spoke to another tattoo guy, and he said it only takes 2 weeks for the work to complete itself. This means Jonas h*o would not give me a refund even if I begged him until after 9 months. In other words, he blew me off and kept my hard-earned money. I also reported Jonas h*o to the Henry County Sheriff's Department since according to the Henry County Health Department Jonas h*o broke the law.

The Henry County Health Department stated that Jonas h*o violated his License or Permit where it states O.C.G.A Law 16-12-5 that says:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to tattoo the body of any person within any area within one inch of the nearest part of the eye socket of such person. " My link above clearly proves that Jonas h*o broke the law regarding the above quote. If you do decide to trust this little Chinese guy's work, and he screws up on you as he did with me, you should report him to the Henry County Health Department and notify Bonnie Turner who's information is seen below: Bonnie Turner Environmental Health Specialist IV Henry County Environmental Health District 4, Georgia Department of Public Health We Inform, We Prevent, We Protect! 137 Henry Parkway McDonough, GA 30253 Office:770-288-6190 Cell: 770-550-1888 [email protected] You are also welcome to use my story and images here to support your own case to the Sheriff's Department or the court. Mr. Jones Victim of Jonas h*o's work [email protected] Jonas h*o Noble House Tattoo 5406 North Henry Blvd Stockbridge, GA 30281 404-735-1187

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