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No Fear Sports

Country United States
State Texas
City Deerpark
Address 120 Palm Terrace Blvd
Phone 832-465-3077

No Fear Sports Reviews

  • Oct 1, 2015

The owner of this business, Aaron Tolleson, promised to purchase my mobile zip line in May of 2015. He even sent me a copy of the loan papers to sign, and had the transaction fully financed.

We had 85 text messages, several e-mails, and several phone calls to verify that he wanted the unit. I took him at his word.

He traveled from his home in Texas to South Carolina to pick the unit up, and left with it at the end of May, 2015.

He not only took the unit itself, but filled the backseat of his 4-door pickup truck, and the bed of it with several items belonging to me, and that makes the unit function.

However, after traveling only 10 miles or so, he ran into a curb, and damaged a wheel and tire on the trailer he was towing. He brought the unit, with it's trailer, back to the storage place where it was stored, and asked me to have the tire and wheel repaired so that he could make arrangements to return for the unit.

That was the last that I heard from him. I had the tire and wheel replaced, and the parts were sent to me by the manufacturer.

I've tried multiple times to contact him so that I can get the parts back from him that he took with him. This amounted to about $4000 worth of items, including special cable gauges for the rides operation.

He has evidently put a block on any phone calls from South Carolina. My son in law, who lives in Texas, called him, and there was no problem with that call, and Aaron will answer calls from that state. He promised to ship the missing parts back to me within a week of that call, which was in August.


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