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Nihonsha Land Co., Ltd.

Country Japan
City Niigata, Prefecture
Address 10-3652, Azasakanoshita Shimamityo, Kita-ku, Niigata-City
Phone 81-25-278-6050

Nihonsha Land Co., Ltd. Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2018

I agreed to purchase a JDM van from Nihonsha Land in Japan for shipment to port Newark and had an experienced importer arrange the deal.

On March 19, 2018, I wired them (TT) $3,350 to pay for the vehicle and shipping.

Nihonsha Land informed us they recieved the payment in full and were booking the vehicle to depart on a ship on April 30. They informed us the ship name was Morning Cellao and it would arrive on May 30.

After tracking this ship for many weeks, we were still waiting for paperwork. My importer sent at least EIGHT REQUESTS for a BOL required to import the vehicle. On May 22, Nihonsha Land finally stated the VEHICLE WAS NEVER EVEN SENT.

They stated it had a bad engine and was not sent. Yet, they let us track and wait for this vehicle for weeks.

After multiple requests for a full refund, Nihonsha wired a refund in the amount of ONLY $2,636.

10 on June 11.

When asked about the difference, Nihonsha Land continues to state "We refunded full amount of US $3,350." Despite promising to supply a copy of the TT several times, they have still failed to supply one as evidence and continue to state they refunded the full amount of purchase. They also blamed any shortage on using yen as oppposed to $US. This is inexplainable.

The simple fact is I sent then $3,350 plus a transfer cost of $45, and recieved back only $2,636.10 after NEARLY THREE MONTHS.

So, in summary,

Nihonsha Land SENT NO CAR AT ALL!

Nihonsha Land occupied over THREE MONTHS OF TIME

Nihonsha Land directly caused my LOSS OF $758.90

as well as additional importing fees.

  • Jul 12, 2019

Who did you ended up going with?

Who did you ended up going with?

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