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Country New Zealand
City Greg Layton
Phone 64 21 2167613

NifPro Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2017

Buyer Beware. I met these guys at Icast trade show two years ago. They come from New Zealand. I became a distributor for them in california. Wow what a mistake. They have this plastic clip that is supposed to hold your fishing lure and weights in place to protect your rod from damage and banging aroung during travel. The reality is the clip chews you're rod like a chainsaw. After one boat trip your rod is ruined, not to mention it doesnt work at all.

I sold 75 pieces and all were returned in one week. I found out that its just a re make of a product that was in the market 5 years ago that did the same thing. Even more i see that customers in New Zealand and Austrailia hate the products for all the same reason. They lied to me. These guys work out of a trailer and ship out of a shed in thier yard. What a joke. I also heard that some big distributer from the east coast dumped them and that all the big guys wont touch the product. shame on me.

If you see a sinker or lure lock run the other way.

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