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Nielson RV

Country United States
State Utah
City Hurricane
Address 1210 W State St
Phone (435) 635-5036

Nielson RV Reviews

  • May 28, 2016

Mr Nielson presents himself well but makes promises he can't keep. modifies contrcts without legal signatures or authorizations, tells lies about funding, failes to pay sub-contractors on time uses poor quality mnagement ,over charges on agreed to amount of services without change orders, hold up closing for moneys not due him. will rip you off and commit fraud to get his way. Stay as far away from this guy or his companies as you can. he is a total rip off artist and will blame you for his short coming sand then charge fyour for them. Bad news all around. do not do business with him he commits fraud ulant acts . steals materials and supplies, charge you fro things you never get, accuses the vistim of fraud when he is the pertetraitor. if you do do business keep good records and do not pay for anything until he has completed all work. fails to finsh the job and demands full payment

Tried to even commit fraud by changing a mortgage contract already funded by the lender? This gou is bad news.

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