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Nicole Gatto

Country United States
State California
City Las Angelse
Address P.O. Box 292557
Phone 323-244-6039

Nicole Gatto Reviews

  • Feb 9, 2019

Sellers no matter what you do, do not sell to Nicole Gatto that resides in Los Angeles. From the second she buys the item she will try to play her games to rip you off. Dont accept any delivery address from her especially a PO Box. She will scam you left and right to steal merchandise from you. It all starts when she enters your online store and purchases an item.

She will insist to have it delivered to a PO box regardless of if you dont ship there or not. She'll let the package sit there for weeks until finally picking it up. The second she picks up the product, she will purposely contact her credit card company and place a fraud dispute claiming you never refunded her for something she has in her possession. She tries to play a game by purposely not picking up a product, if you state an estimated delivery date.

She will let the item sit in the PO Box until the day after the expiration date you give her or imply. The second she takes delivery of the product your hit with her fraudulent actions. She will pretend to play stupid and purposely ignore anything you send her. If she rips you off dont bother sending any letters to her to settle things, just take her directly to court and have her sued.

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