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Nick Memmo

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Halifax

Nick Memmo Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2019

Nick Memmo at it again?

Is this the same Nick Memmo in the news today for stealing tv sets? Probably. WHat a loser.

  • Jan 16, 2016

July 31 st 2015 Nick Memmo came to my house and purchased an RV. This RV was basically a junker but had a good engine and generator. I wad not home at the time so Nick paid money to my wife for it and had it towed from my property to his property in Halifax , Halifax Motors, near Walmart. In December I was notifed by the person I got the RV from advising that they were being pressured by Lynchs towing in Brockton Mass for towing and storage fees. Long story short Nicks friend works at Lynchs, I went there to explain to them the last known person in possession, which is what the law reads in regards to charging people for dumping vehicles. I was given nothing but attitiude and invited to court. I advised them that I had proof of the person that towed it from my house and named that person Nick Memmo. This brought a few opened eyes, almost like I didnt do my homework. A few days later the original owner advised me that Lynchs called him and it was all set, they wanted no money and they would just scrap the RV. Long story short. NICK MEMMO is a scammer in all aspects. Lynchs towing is shady, wake up City of Brockton Police........

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