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Nicholas Del Franco

Country United States
State California
City Redlands
Address 18 E. State Street, Suite 203
Phone 714 262 5935

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  • Apr 21, 2019

I am writing to warn anyone who knows or hears from Nicholas “Nick” Del Franco, his father, Tom Del Franco and his girlfriend, Tiffany; NOT to do business with them in any capacity. Upon initial introduction, all 3 individuals seem like normal, upstanding citizens BUT that could not be farther from the truth. Tiffany especially is an overly emotional person who does not know when to talk and when to be quiet. When around her you can hear constant complaints about anything and everything and you often wonder what value she brings to any situation.

Nick has repeatedly proven himself to be a professional con man, originally from the New York / New Jersey area now living and frequenting the Laguna Beach and Marietta communities of California after moving around the country defrauding people. He claims to have significant experience working in various capacities in the legal, gray and black markets of the U.S. Cannabis industry.

He supposedly has created or worked with various companies within the industry including but not limited to: Mad Hatter Nutrients, Homestead Hydro, Pharma Serve (Colorado & California) and Green House Leasing. Each of these companies either are in default, websites do not exist or simply do not have any online or physical presence.

Similar to most con-men, Nick is very good at blending the truth within his stories to make his lies seem believable to even the most skeptical. He often uses attorneys to help legitimize his business dealings but everything is a façade with no legitimacy to any of it. He has left a long trail of disgruntled past clients, partners and investors in his wake from Michigan to Florida, Colorado, California and now Hawaii. Doing a simple Google search on his name leaves a long list of examples of fraudulent dealings throughout the country. Please spare yourself the headache and DO NOT do any business with these people no matter what they tell you.

There are several more recent examples I have learned regarding Nick and his usual way of doing business. Now in California, he continues to defraud individuals using the tactic of over promising and never delivering. My partner and I have personally wired him tens of thousands of dollars to his attorney Jason Cruz, Esq. from Redlands, California to hold in escrow to use in future dealings and secure inventory.

None of which ever ended up being delivered even though the monies were spent. I have also learned of several other people that have tried doing business with Nick. Each story ends the same way despite the circumstances surrounding each situation, with Nick taking all of the money and never making good on his end of the deal.

If you are reading this please do yourself a favor and never do business with Nick or Tom Del Franco or Nick’s girlfriend Tiffany. You will save yourself a lot of money, time and headache. People like him should not be allowed to participate in the emerging legal cannabis and hemp industries as they have enough work to do to become legitimate to mainstream America without someone like Nick causing the irreparable harm that he does.

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  • Oct 10, 2019


False information

  • Dec 3, 2019

It's all true

Nicholas Delfranco is a good for nothing con man. I am another of his victims. I obtained a judgement against him for over $250,000 in San Diego County

  • Dec 6, 2019

Same Boat

Call me.



  • Dec 21, 2019

I was canned too

Hello. Whoever wrote this. Please message me as I too have a lot of useful information about his past and present dealing and knowledge of his location. [email protected]

  • Jan 9, 2020

Who are you?

I know nick personally and have been in business with him for over ten years, some people who , point fingers and complain, don't hold up their end of bargain. You get out what you put in, and people get what they deserve... but what you wrote sounds to me like, you didn't make the team...

  • Jan 26, 2020


He is a fraud!!! Stay away and do your homework, you will be sorry.

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  • Feb 22, 2020

Nick is a scam

He is the worst person I’ve ever been in contact with. His lawyer Marty and him have stolen millions of dollars from good people. He will continue to lie and steal until someone puts him behind bars or in the dirt. Stay away from him, his piece of shit father or his scumbag lawyers

  • Jan 9, 2020

Fair shake

You sound bitter. Nick and his team tuned my farm from struggle to cash crop , sorry that you didn't put effort in, or maybe stick through the rough parts, were so happy nick took us through this process. Google us . Cannacare. We wouldn't be here with out him. Good luck to every farmer.

  • Nov 5, 2019

Fair shake

I have personally known Nick delfranco

Since 2014, He started a company in my small town and hired 40 + people to do some work on a farm, Nick is a leader and a visionary, He always paid us on time and always picked up the phone, I still keep in contact with him and would, say don't believe everything you read, get to know him, He has never done me wrong and is always honest with me, some times investments don't work out, but for me nick and his father are good people.

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