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Nicholas Davis

Country United States
State New Jersey
City East Orange
Address 49 Prospect ST APT C10
Phone 917-939-9613

Nicholas Davis Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2016

This guy "Nicholas Davis" is a lying scumbag. He also goes by the names "Abu Fib," (on one email account) and by the name "Fash Davis" (on another email account). He has multiple email accounts. I found this guy on Craigslist. I usually don't trust anybody on that site and like to think I am good at being able to catch scammers, but this guy even tricked me.

He claimed he was a legitimate trader in the forex market. He sent me a copy of his driver's licence (probably a fake one), snap shots of this trading account, and I even drew up a contract with him, which he signed and dated. Like I said, he had me fooled, because usally scammers don't do all that.

I deposited $500 into his bank accout on Friday, October 14th, 2016. Actually, the account was under his gf/fiancee's name "Ibaadah Amin." Per the contract and what he told me through text messages and when I talked to him on the phone, he was going to turn my $500 in to $1,700 (my $500 investment back, plus a $1,200 profit) by October 21st.

He was to, per the contract, send whatever amount I requested via FED EX overnight on Friday, October 21st, 2016 berfore the cut off time, to ensure I receive the money at my door step on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016. He told me numerous times he always withdraws early on Friday anyway, so sending it off in enough time should not be an issue.

Of course he never sent the money. Friday morning, October 21st comes around and I asked him if he had sent the money. His bs excuse was that the bank put a hold on the funds. In the course of talking to this guy over several days, he never once indicated that he has had a problem with the bank doing this, but of course when it's time to pay me, it's an issue.

I told him, there was a resason why we had specific days set up on the contract and that contracts are there in the first place to protect both parties, and to ensure that both parties are held responsible and accountable. He proceeded to pretty much blow off the contract, and made a comment like "I'm not worried about the cotract, just making sure you get paid."

He knew from day one what kind of financially stressful, vulnerable, desperate situation I was in, and how I was worried I may lose my home because of getting behind on payments. Due to my hours being cut at my job and some medical bills that had accumulated, I was counting on and put all my trust in this guy to help and he took advantage of me.

I told I was counting on that money being at my doorstep on Saturday, October 22nd, that I had bills that I had to send off that day, including my mortage payment. The guy could care less and why would he? He's a freaking fraudster. These guys crap all over people's pitty.

He tells me that the money will FOR SURE be available sometime on Friday the 21st, but just not enough time to send it overnight before the cut off time like he had promised, so that I got on Saturday, the 22nd. He did not give me any logical explanation as to what was going on, if he contacted the bank, just basically ignored me from that point on.

His last text to me on Friday, October 21st, after he had said he wasn't worried about the contract, was that as soon as the funds were available he would sent it via Fed Ex overnight and give me the tracking number. I told him that if he was sure he was getting the money sometime on Friday, even if it was late in the evening, there were other options.

I was requesting the full amount of $1,700. Although I would not really prefer to have done it this way, he could have sent the full amount or part of it via Western Union or Money gram late Friday, and, if I only took half at that point, sent out the other half on Saturday via FEd EX overnight, to make sure I received it first thing Monday morning, October 24th, since

they don't delvier on Sunday's. Of course he never responded to that. I sent him numerous texts on that Friday, the 21st, Saturday, the 22nd and today, Sunday, the 23rd and he has ignored everything. I tried calling the guy numerous times and it goes to voicemail every time after one ring. I pretty much told the guy off on his voicemail, saying

what a low life piece of crap he was, to take advantge of somebody in such a bad position as me. He told me before he had a gf/fiancee and a daughter. I asked him in the voicemail how he would like it if the shoe was on the other foot and I ripped him off, which would essentially be taking food off of the table for his daughter.

I asked him what kind of low life scumbag steals people's money like that and then (just like the other victim of Nicholas' I read about on here said) just up and disappears, cutting off all communication, running like a little coward. I asked him what his excuse was now, because supposedly he was supposed to definitely have the money some time on Friday.

I even told him in one of the texts I had sent him yesterday, on the 22nd, that, although I'm pissed off, I understand things sometimes happen, and that if he just manned up and took care of the situation by getting back to me and letting me know what the heck was going on, I'd forget about reporting this.

All he had to do was say something like, "I know per the contract I promised the money on a certain date. I'm sorry I didn't come through on that date, but I know I will get the money for sure today (Friday, the 21st) at some point, and as you requested, I can send part of it or the whole thing, whatever you choose, through western union

or money gram, and if need be, the rest early tomorrow via fed ex overnight so you'll get Monday morning. Because this was an issue on my end, I'll even take care of the fee to send it overnight, or at least part of it." Had he did that, I wouldn't be writing this now. Of course he wouldn't though, he's a criminal who steals people's money. Why would he?

I told him on Saturday that if I didn't hear back from him by the end of the day, I would be going to the authorities with this. As I stated, he has ignored everything.

This kind of crap needs to stop. People like this need to be held accountable. It's sad our judicial system in this country is so lax when it comes to these types of issues. You report it to law enforcment and they tell you to take it to small claims court, which for most people, is a waste of time. Not only do you have to get a judgement, but then you have to have

to try and collect from the person and most of the times, the judgements aren't even worth the paper they're written on. These type of things need to be treated as criminal, but law enforcement will never do it, because they have more important things to do, right? The excuse is always they're just isn't enough money in the budget to supply the

kind of resources necessary to handle these types of things. I've heard it all before. It's a joke. This is why people like this get off scott free. They know these types of things are going to be treated seriously. Until our Country becomes stricter with handling issues like these, nothing will change. In Egypt, if you get caught stealing, they can chop your hands off.

I'm not saying we need to be that strict, but where we're at right now with our judicial/legal system is pathetic. Very sad world. I was reading on this site that you guys sometimes reach out to people and offer help, such as legally pursuing these criminals and things of that sort. I'm sure hoping you can help go after this guy.

I plan on contacting the FBI, the FTC, the New Jersey state police, Union New Jersey Police (just like the other victim did), as well as the New Jersey and New York attorney general's office, the US Commodity Futures Trading Comission (CFTC) for this guy comitting Foreign Exchange Fraud.

By definiton, foreign exchange fraud is "a trading scheme used to defraud traders by convincing them they can expect to gain a high profit by trading in the foreign exchange market." Hopefully, under the Commodities Exchange Act (CEA), which prohibits fradulant conduct in the trading of futures contracts, they can turn it over to their

enforcement department and try and prosecute this guy. I also plan on notifiying the bank which this guy used where I deposited the money. They should be made aware they are dealing with a fraud, as well as informing the company he supposedly trades with, as I have their email, and letting them know what kind of client they have.

I will also, although it will be an uphill battle, take this guy to court, and seek punitive damages. He took $500 from me I couldn't afford to lose right now. Because of what he did, and the falsh hope he gave me, I am in an even worse financial situation then what I was before.

I will be submitting this guy's driver's licence photo he sent me and hopefully you guys put it up here so everybody can see this piece of crap.

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