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Niche Ad Generator Pro

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 813-428-6558

Niche Ad Generator Pro Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2017

Saw Mr. Michelangelo Lopez's youtube ad and was convinced ,clicked on the youtube link where I could supposedly download his product.Mr. Lopez claimed to have software that would make posting ads to Craigslist a piece of cake.He asked me to registar and when I tried it sent me to Papal.I didn't even have a new Paypal account but Paypal wanted a Paypal email.So After some digging I managed to find an old Paypal email address.The official ad said free but as it turned out he only wanted $7.So I had to pull out the credit card.Put in all my info. punched the pay now button ,it said purchase complete.I' been going crazy every since checking every email I have not seen "The Niche Ad Generator" anywhere.I really could used that little program but it turns out it might've not even been real.I should of trusted my instincts because he looks like a rat and a con and talks like a rat and a con.For me it was only $7 but I really think this Con should be stopped now before he goes on to bigger things if he hasn't already.He seems pretty sure of himself but I am happy he is not in my sights right now as this really made me angry.Let's get the word out. Gene P.

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