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Niagara Falls Pawnbroker

Country Canada
City Niagara Falls, Ontario
Address 5881 Main St
Phone 905-354-9896

Niagara Falls Pawnbroker Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2015

I took my laptop to this store for a loan. Obviously to get the loan my computer was working properly. The day we retrieved it the store was closing as we got there so they handed my computer to me tied in a plastic grocery bag as the battery was dead I took it home over an hour away. I plugged it in to charge and the next morning went to use it and it wouldn't turn on. As these men have a long standing customer in my boyfriend he told me he would call them right after work. At 401 pm he called and spoke to 'Hi' (sic) the Asian son who works in the store and told him that not only was the computer not turning on but the television we also picked up at the same time no longer had a power cord. 'Hi' (sic) told my bf to bring the computer in when we would be in town next.

Five days later we drove from Mississauga to niagara and we're told by 'Hi' that we must have broken it ourselves and within seconds of seeing it without opening the case claimed to know what is wrong with it that it's a 'ribbon' inside that would now cost us $170-$200 dollars for the part and that he had a friend that could fix it for us for $15-$30 dollars an hour.... I asked him how he figured that it was okay that we brought him a working laptop and received a broken one back and that he tried to shake us down for another two hundred plus dollars for a computer he only gave us a $150 dollar loan on two weeks before.

Then he tried to tell me that a screw was missing so I must have opened the case I explained to him that the spot doesn't take a screw it's to open the ram chip access which has nothing to do with the problem as the computer just will no longer turn on. Needless to say I am absolutely filing a claim in small claims court and ask that anyone who has had similar problem with this shop to please contact me. They are responsible for my property while they have it and will take no responsibility for the damage .

He told me that my boyfriend's sister had been dragging around this computer for over a year and when I pointed out it couldn't be this computer as the manufacture date is only nine months ago he got flustered and started speaking to the other man in their native language and the other man began pushing my boyfriend bodily from the store. This is outrageous and I wonder if he has done something to my computer that he can easily fix if I pay his $200 plus extortion. When my boyfriend told him we were going to sue he snickered and wished us luck as he feels no court will side with us. I am crossing my fingers that this will not be the case as it is cut and dried. Stay away from business dealings with this store!

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