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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Union
Address 1416 Morris Ave
Phone 201-430-5252

Ni-TweetBlast Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2016

I got a spam email from this 44 year old guy many months ago advertising his promotional and marketing "services". I am a independent artist trying to get signed and I thought that these promotional services would help get my career going. What I wanted to do was increase my online presence with my music and videos and try to get something viral going. This guy "Big 7" promised and guaranteed to me his promotional services and resources would give me the disired result I thought I was paying for.

I went on to buy his "Pink Diamond" tweet blast package on his website. I felt hesistant at first to purchase anything because the website looked like it was made by a 4th grader. I should have listened to my instincts but I figured I would give this a shot. He also kept pushing this "radio show" of his that he said I could purchase one of those packages too for more promotion. He claimed to have millions and millions of listeners. He told me to look at his Twitter accounts and see how many followers he had.

Finally it was time for him to "blast" my music out to these so-called millions of people. I watched him tweet my music over his 3 or 4 accounts on Twitter. After 8 days my music got 22 plays, 1 likes, and no downloads. The tweets themselves only got 3 RTs and 2 Likes and that was the total for all the tweets over his 3-4 accounts. I then had my manager look at his scam and he told me all this guy Big7 does was make accounts and pay to add hundreds of thousands of FAKE followers to his accounts and then follows/unfollows people to have the appearance of having a large network of followers. The truth is he only has about 2% of that many human followers as proven by a Twitter audit website we later discovered.

As for his radio show that I also purchased a "promotional and marketing package" for, we also later discovered it was all one big scam. The "radio show" is just in a small leased office. There's no actual listeners for this show though. My manager asked him to provide a listener/traffic report to us for the show in which we were supposed to be promoted on. He couldn't provide one. This guy is the biggest liar.

I had spent about $400 in total and had nothing to show for it. I asked this scammer for a refund. He ignored my emails, phone calls, texts, and tweets for many months. He blocked me on Twitter. Blocked my phone number. For months there was no way to get ahold of him for any type of resolution. I went to my bank and filed a dispute and was able to get my money back from him after a 60 day investigation. Guess what? His account was in the negative of course but Paypal refunded my money back to my bank anyways and banned his Paypal account.

This is a hard lesson to learn about these very shady scammers who pretend to be in the music business and claim they can help you. This scammer Big7 had a very elaborate scam and I was taken advantage of. Luckily I was able to get all my money back but so many others have not been so lucky. We have discovered that there hundreds who are just like me out there who have contacted us with their own stories about this guy.


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