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  • Jul 19, 2016

6 months ago I gave this scammer James Stokes aka @iAmBig7 on Twitter $5,000 for what he said his "promotional music services" could really launch my career and get my music in the right people's hands. He said he knew DJ Kay Slay and he could help (we later found out later he does not know DJ Kay Slay after contacting his manager). Scammer Stokes guaranteed and promised to me and my management that he had a radio show that had many listeners and our music would be played to them. His Twitter has over 500k followers and he said our music would be promoted to them too.

The sales pitches kept on coming. He claimed to have "Tweet Blasts" for sale and then told us that he had other "radio packages" if we were interested. He said for an additional $1,500 we could come on his "radio show" and perform weekly. Since we had some money to re-invest we took the bait and sent him the money.

For $5,000 this is what we got:

1,) 2 of our songs were blasted out on his 2 Twitter accounts. The songs received a total of 6 plays and 1 like on Soundcloud. The tweets themselves were not RTed even one time on Twitter. One of the tweets had a Like but it was from some spam bot account.

2.) Songs played on his "radio station". We didn't receive much of a response from this. My management decided to do a little bit of digging and found the address of this so-called "radio station". Turns out it's nothing more than a little office space he rents in New Jersey that has nothing inside of it except a desk and 3 chairs. It's a poorly edited podcast that doesn't even have 50 listeners. My management then called him and asked him to send us his listener report so we could verify that he really did have 50,000 listeners as he stated to us before we sent him the money. He said no such thing exists and he could not show us that even if he did have one. Hmmmm

3.) After we confronted him about the listeners we asked when we were going to perform on his radio show for his "huge listeners base". He said he would call us back with a time and date. Of course we never heard from him again. Has never replied to any emails, texts, messages, voicemails, legal letters, etc since. Just disappeared with our $5,000.

I write this report to warn all other artists and anyone else considering falling for this guy's scam that he is truly a scammer. My management also did a Twitter Audit on his 2 accounts that have those 500k followers. Guess what? 87% of all his followers were fake followers he bought.

We are currently meeting with attorneys and will be filing a lawsuit against Mr. Stokes in Federal Court very soon to get our money back plus damages. We have gone through hell and it is my hope that nobody has to go through this ever again. BEWARE!!!!

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