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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Oct 29, 2015 is selling counterfeit NHL merchandise, which they falsely claim as "official". I suspect this business is the same person/business that formerly operated under the name, whch was shut down February 2014 for selling counterfeit merchandise. After placing the order, but before the jersey had shipped, I had begun to suspect the "official" jersey was going to be counterfeit. The jersey was received on 10/27/15, and, after opening the package, I was virtually certain it was, in fact, counterfeit.

Today (10/28/15), I called the NHL's own store customer service. After explaining what I suspected, I was transferred to someone in another department, who proceeded to ask me certain questions related to the jersey. After checking what I was asked to look at, and responding back as to what I saw, they determined that what I had received WAS, in fact, a counterfeit jersey. They collected all of my contact information (name, phone number, & email address), as well as all the information I had related to the business (URL, email address) operating illegally, and informed me that the information would be passed onto their fraud/ counterfeit department. I was also informed that, if they needed any additional information and/or possession of the counterfeit jersey, they would contact me.

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