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Country United States
State California
City Aliso Viejo
Address 26895 Aliso Creek Rd #58B
Phone 800) 519-0392
Website Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2017

NHE "fitness co" offered me an online job to be a professional fitness consultant.

I needed to pass an exam first, and they basically talked me into buying a study guide, so I could pass the MTC "exam"

They made me sign up for the "exam" today July 29/2017 & I was told it would take 3 hours! I got up early to take the "exam" and it was never sent to me! I tried contacting them on various emails, and I would get an automatic response.

I just checked my email, and they wrote to me, whoever "they" are, saying I did not follow procedure correctly!

Now I am out of over 300+ dollars, and no job! No exam! They are rip-offs as the money they say they are going to pay you is great, but, obviously, I don't have a job! I am a singe mother & need to work a couple jobs for myself & my son. Please advise the better business bureau of the sos called company!

Please no one who reads this buy into their scams!

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