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NHE Health and Fitness Credentials

Country United States
State California
City Aliso Viejo
Address 26895 Aliso Creek Rd #58B,
Phone (949) 272-2385

NHE Health and Fitness Credentials Reviews

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  • Aug 29, 2016

Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches please be aware if applying for a position with the NHE (National Health Educators).

I am not normally someone that falls for scams, but this one got me. This company lures you into the opportunity to work from home for a very good salary- $6000/ month. They set you up with a pre-interview and then you have to take their MTC exam. The information makes it very clear you can do this for free, but then they lure you with their exam prep guides that cost $190 with the promise that you'll be reimbursed if you get 80% on the exam. Being a good test taker and someone that has a lot of experience in the fitness industry, my internal red flags were at half mast, but I decided to role the dice and buy the exam prep materials, because anyone with fitness certifications knows that this type of information can be very detailed and technical. Before I committed to the prep guide, I did research the company to see if it seemed legit. They have an elaborate online presence with lots of positive recommendations online. They provide some examples of apps that they recommend for online client evaluations that are impressive. In the initial pre-interview, they discuss how they work with fitness institutions to evaluate clients and build fitness and nutritional regiments. Because it's a California based company, and I live in NYC, I was willing to give this model a little more latitude than I normally would, especially since technology has evolved significantly in the fitness industry. I did find it a little unusual that they emphasized that there are no refunds, and that the reimbursement program is based on input from fitness professionals contribution to the updating of the information. At that point, however, I was still hopeful that this opportunity was legitimate. I will echo another post I read on this website about this company and mention that several parts of the study guide were out of date, and there was an emphasis on specific supplments that made me question the objectivity of the material. But, it was a copius amount of material, so I still was willing to continue the process. They also have you sign a document saying that the information was received to further protect them from having to give refunds.

Still, with all of this, I didn't call the legitimacy of this company into question until I took the exam. I will reiterate the words of another post about this company, because he said it perfectly:

This exam is 230 questions to be answered in 3 hours (timed) and many of the questions are free response questions, while others are anayltical and quanitative. All in all, I can not believe any one can pass their exam in three hours- there is too much information and the question format is very time consuming (ie free response questions such as describe the entire digestive track).

I got through 2/3 of the test in the 3 hours, and it hit me, that the exam sets you up for failure. Then I started rereading the recommendations on GlassDoor and Indeed, and I realized that many of the responses appear overly positive. I don't expect to get my money back or get a job from this company. It's just legit enough to make reimbursement very difficult, and not legit enough to be worth your time. I advise anyone applying for a position with the NHE or taking their Certification to BE AWARE!

They sent me the same emails multiple times, and I think they cast a really broad net when they solicit for people with resumes online.I never received one response to my questions.

The exams are administered online, on the weekends at 7am-

I feel like I was scammed, and I recommend you do not pursue working for this company.

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