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Next Deal Shop

Country United States
State Alabama

Next Deal Shop Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2019

Bought solar lights, worked for few weeks no issues. First light went dead, reached out no response. Second light went dead week later. Called there number’s disconnected. No listing on product advertising or packaging that mention warranty.

Had Product for less than 90 days. Find out warranty is 60 days from date of receiving product. No repairs, exchanges, or refunds.

  • Jul 30, 2018

Please do not order from . They are a fraudulently advertised website/ company and they are based in China. Their prices are a rip off (tripled from Amazon) and shipping took 3 weeks. I have cancelled my order within 10 minutes of placing and they replied after 14 hours later saying it was too late because they were shipped already (where as the automatic email they sent said they will ship within 24 hrs). I insisted I didn't want the shipment and asked for a refund but they shipped to me anyway.

I didn't get the order until 3 weeks later because it was shipped from China. I asked to return the order for a refund and they kept dancing around and offering me future discounts. Finally, they told me that I needed to ship back to China at my own cost! I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company and file complaints via Better Business Bureau.

This is a fraudulently advertised company because no where on the website they said they are located in China, even though the registered company is in California from BBB’s profile. Since there were no where on their website saying they are located in China or I would have never order from them. Who would bother to return any merchandise if they have to pay a huge shipping fee to ship overseas? They made the return process so difficult and nearly impossible so that they can keep your money.

Here are some other examples of their fraudulent advertisements on their site:

1. "We bring you quality assured products at unbeatable prices along with fast delivery"-FALSE! Their prices were tripled from Amazon after I compared apple to apple. I received the same items from Amazon in a couple of days while their order arrived three weeks later!

2. "Customer Service – we have a dedicated team of staffs that works around the clock to ensure you are completely 100% satisfied." FALSE! They don't even have a number for you to call because they are located in China, and they only answered emails during their day time in China. They did not address any of my issues, and they only danced around when I requested a refund.

They tricked people to order through their beautiful website and once they got your money, they have the upper hand and they will not give your money back. Please do yourself a favor and do not order from this company to support fraudulent business practices. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!

  • Jul 4, 2018

Bought a piece of sh*t string of solar lights for $25 which did not work. I contacted them repeatedly, and they eventually responded with a copy of the manual. REPEATEDLY. As if I'm such an idiot, I don't know how to flip on a switch and place lights in the sun for eight hours. They kept telling me over and over what I was doing wrong. Durrrrr. Of course, by the time the warranty expired (60 days), they offered me 20% off my next order. I'm spending the morning online finding every possible site to bad mouth this BS company!! DO NOT ORDER FROM NEXT DEAL SHOP!!!!

  • Feb 24, 2018

Next Deal shop Note to all, Do not order anything from this site. It is a scam business, and you will never get your order for the most part. Never get a refun. Never gea a real tracking numer. Never geta a exchange or replacement for a item ths was sent toyou not working or broke if you did get it at all. Please check there reviews. All reviews prove and show they are not to trusted as i found out when i recieved one of there solar power bird water fountains, that arrived broke and not working. I could not get any customer service to refund or replace, and not contact by them when i filed numerous complaints at there web site. Seems all there products are faulty. and no reliable customer service is avail. Even the email sent to us and tracking number is FAKE. and seems to be a non existant number out of china and korea. BEWARE AND WARNED. Please forward this to let other know NEXT DEAL SHOP.COM retail internet sales shop IS A SCAM OUT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY.

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