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Country United States
State Iowa
City Cedar Rapids
Phone (888) 845-2887
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  • Sep 15, 2017

At some point in 2016 I opted out of auto-renewal of my membership. In December of 2016 I received an auto-renewal reminder and contacted the website as to why I was receiving the reminder. They responded by assuring me that my membership was canceled.

In researching an unrelated item in my credit card statments, I discovered that charged my credit card $99 in December 2016 and again in June 2017.

I blame myself for the loss of money as I should have discovered the charges when they were made. So that's on me. But I want people to know that there is a tendency, at least at times, for this company to disreagrd cacellations of auto-renewal and/or membership, and to keep charging until they can't.

  • Sep 16, 2016

I noticed a charge on my bank account of a recurinng debit from for $10 plus change. As I went back through my statements, I found these charges had been going on since June, 2016.

I found this company was operated by Christopher Gill, with a charity address in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Then I found he had been ordered to pay back $100,000 by the Attorney General's Office, which Steve St. Clair, Asst Attorney General, had investigated.

Should be end of story. Not so fast. I received a bottle of Collegen Supplements after I ordered skin care from Derm Exclusive. I called, complained and told them not to renew any orders. They did and after an hour discussion on the phone, the man agreed to refund my account for the new shipment that had already left the warehouse after I explained I would call the bank and file charges, a bank I have been with for over 30 years. His attitude changed immediately and account was refunded.

This may not have anything to do with it, but on the same day, also charged my account. I had never been to the newspaper website, much less order anything.

When I called my bank, I was told the company now is listed in Great Britain! She said there was no need to file any further complaint, the money would be in my account today. If Mr. Gill were to refund my account, that would be the only reason I would have any further correspondence and I said I wouldn't hold my breath. She replied she doubted I would hear anything from Mr Gill.

So look out. I won't be ordering anything online unless it's a trusted website. No more SPECIAL TV offers, no more relatively blind internet specials. I'm sick of this buy one, get one free bs. AND ESPECIALLY NO MORE TRIAL OFFERS, which seem to start the minute you place your order.

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