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Newport Group, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Walnut Creek
Address 1350 Treat Boulevard, Suite 300
Phone 925-328-4540

Newport Group, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2017

Have retirement with Newport. Now want to rollover to another IRA with another company. They are finding every reason, loophole, false paperwork to not allow me to pull out my money that I have been investing via employer for years. Looking at BBB or leagal action. All must avoid investing a single penny with this organization.

  • May 13, 2016

This group met with us over several weeks and claimed to be able to help our business withfunds using their long line of clients who invest in small business or start ups. They claimed over and over to have investors waiting in the wings and all we needed to do is pay the $10k to get going immediatley.

After many talks and meetings I decided to give them a chance because the girl who was meeting with us was a local girl and her familydoes lots of real estate locally here in Costa Mesa. I offered to work slowly and give them $2k instead of $10k to begin and they jumped all over it.

Before I handed them money they contacted me 2-3 times per day and as soon as i paid the $2k they would not take my calls or texts or resond and when they did it was "what do you want" "we dont work for you" they never supplied any service and of course they were no money investments at all.

They refuse to give us our money back and will not answer or return calls. its a pure rip off job. I could use any help from the community to get my $2000 back as we are a small business and cannot afford to lose $2000.

This guys name is John Gage, Giovanni Lacasio. he uses 2 names and the address are fake to his office at **** *** **** newport Beach Ca 92663 or **** ******* ***** *** Newport Beach Ca 92663

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