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Country United States
State Alabama

Newevers Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2024

I had two issues with this company. They sent my order in 2 different packages. The first package containing 2 sweaters has been in transit for 2 months - still listed as "in transit" if I try to track it. The company has told me to be patient multiple times, and if I get upset they just stop responding to me altogether. I have to start a new email thread to get a response and again am told to be patient even though the package is clearly lost.

The second package arrived very quickly - but what I ordered and what the photo and description on the website was, was absolutely nothing like the item I received. A knit christmas sweater ended up being a very cheap - sweater with a knit like print on the front - the sleeves, collar and pretty much everything about the sweater looking NOTHING like the photo on the website. Total garbage.

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