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New York State Department of Financial Services

Country United States
State New York
City Buffalo
Address 535 Washington Street, Suite 305
Phone (800) 342-3736

New York State Department of Financial Services Reviews

  • Aug 15, 2023

Don’t forget about the chief communist over at the New York State Department of Financial Services Steve LaRock who should also be under investigation for public corruption, bribery, and too many mutually beneficial links with dirty bad insurance companies who refuse to provide coverage to their fully paid insureds.

This son of a b**** seems to take pleasure in screwing over complainants, often emailing mass case denials in a few hours after delaying/sabotaging/sitting on cases for months, if not years, until well past the useful point of having insurance coverage in the first place.

Like his lazy corrupt colleagues, he also doesn’t do any work, doesn’t read the policy language at all, and doesn’t perform any meaningful analysis, simply repeats ad verbatim the b******* circular reasoning and weasel words of shady insurance lawyers like Copernicus Gaza of General Security National Insurance Company, or Nicholas Mathieu of SCOR Insurance, or Joan Tonn of Travelers Insurance Company.

A quick review of the membership rolls of the Communist Party of New York City would probably reveal his dirty corrupt name.

Hopefully he will be investigated and arrested in short order for public corruption, cronyism, bribery and other crimes.

  • Aug 10, 2023

It should come as no surprise that the New York State Department of Financial Services, a communist entity run in the communist city of Manhattan, led from Albany by communist Governor Kathy Hochul and Superintendent Adrienne Harris, uses communist workers such as Han Wang, ChengWei Wang, Kyn Mo, Amos Rozet, Victor Ko,, Jacob Shargal, Carol Ripps, Anita Gupta, and Joel Echavarria, to implement their multiple agendas of:

(1) screwing over conservative CEOs and their businesses by siding with a bad insurance company, bank, or merchant service company in a dispute,

(2) siding with a communist leftist business owner or CEO against a conservative bank, merchant service, or insurance company,

(3) using their power to destroy, target, bankrupt, harass and otherwise crush a conservative small business owner or his company, just because they can.

If only the Republican congressmen and senators in New York State and Washington D.C. had any balls or brains to either investigate or prosecute this mass pogrom of conservative business owners in New York City and New York State, but alas, we don’t, and so the pogrom continues.

  • Jul 6, 2023

Ever since Adrienne Harris took over the New York State Department of Financial Services, every single complaint against dishonest insurance companies refusing to cover their insureds or retaliating against them when they file a bona fide legitimate complaint either:

(1) goes unanswered for extended periods of time;

(2) always takes the side of the dirty insurance company;

(3) never investigates the complaint or reads the policy in question; and

(4) other corrupt acts.

This woman Adrienne Harris and her team need to be investigated for having improper ties and public corruption links with these massive wealthy oligarch insurance companies and their lobbying groups (bribes) such as the Hartford Insurance Company, Travelers Insurance Company, Hamilton Select Insurance Company, General Security National Insurance Company, First Indemnity, Specialty Claims, Dennis Supraner of Professional Liability Consulting Services, and all of their scumbag dishonest employees such as Andrew Biggio, Alex Cayer, Copernicus Gaza, Nicholas Mathieu, Torie Southall, Janet Trabar, Blake Campo, Howard Tripolsky, and many others.

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