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New People Flooring

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 4816 W Catalina Dr
Phone 967-860-2783

New People Flooring Reviews

  • May 27, 2022

We had Jose out to remodel one of our units piece by piece. He took the deposit on one unit and went on vacation, he showed up to work reeking of marijuana, he had two period where he was "injured" and couldn't come to work. He didn't have a vehicle, so we sold him one -- he never paid for it and eventually returned it to us with an open balance, and on the last job he owes us back for about $1,000 of work he said was done, but which wasn't done.

The quality of work is a B (acceptable, but he cuts some corners), but just a special individual. I would like to settle up on the advance we gave him against the last job, but he's always got excuses. Just a lot of work.

He always wants money via Zelle, won't start without a deposit, and somehow I'm still angry about him taking the $3,000 deposit on a $6,000 job and then going on vacation for 10 days before starting the job.

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