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Neuro Advance

Country Indonesia
City Hemet
Address 3507 W Stetson Ave
Phone 1 8008194406

Neuro Advance Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2018

I attended a luncheon seminar where they were promoting low level ight therapy for neuropthy and other nerve and muscle problems. If there wa not improvemnt in six months a full refund was promised. Coaching and a nutritional supplement were to be provided.

The coach was to call weekly for 4 weekes, every two weeks for four weeks and monthly for four months. I missed one call by a few minutes and returned the call, but never received a call back. I was told the nutritional supplement was to be delivered as I was getting low. When almost out, I called my coach several times with no resoponse. I called the salesman, and the next day my coach called. He said he did not think my call was important so did not resopnd When I said I had left a message explaining I was low on product, he responded that he did not have time to check all hie messages.

He then explained that they were out of the product. It took almost three weeks before I receiived a new shippment. A couple of months later I was low on product again. I called several times leaving messages and no response. I was in the timeframe where the coach should have called weekly two more times and monthly four times. I never received a call during that time.

I wrote two letters to the CEO of the company and did not receive a response. I then contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complained. They forwarded the complaint to the company twice and never received a respons, so closed their file.

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