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Neighborhood Hacker LLC

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 888) 966-0937

Neighborhood Hacker LLC Reviews

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  • Aug 5, 2015

I have used once before with great results. I decided to use their services again. Their prices had gone up significantly since the first time. It took a while for me to have the funds to start the case. After giving the down payment, I patiently waited. Several weeks later I inquired on the status and was told the initial attempt had been started. This went on a few times. I was never given an update unless I asked for it. After several months and another email to them I was told the case was unsuccessful. I asked if there was anything that could be done and was given an email address. I wrote and explained the situation. I received a response that my request was being forwarded to the refund dept and to allow 7-10 business days. Well that has come and gone. I'm out $260.00. I have used other services in the past who only require a $50-100 deposit. I'd rather take my chance with them as there is less to lose. I have heard good things about and had a good experience with them once. But, based on how this case was handled, I can't say I will do it again. Good luck to those who consider this service. If my status with them changes, I will update my post. I have sent two follow up emails with no response.

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  • Sep 24, 2019


Hello all

am looking few years that some guys comes into the market

they called themselves hacker, carder or spammer they rip the

peoples with different ways and it’s a badly impact to real hacker

now situation is that peoples doesn’t believe that real hackers and carder scammer exists.

Anyone want to make deal with me any type am available but first

I‘ll show the proof that am real then make a deal like

Available Services

..Wire Bank Transfer all over the world

..Western Union Transfer all over the world

..Credit Cards (USA, UK, AUS, CAN, NZ)

..School Grade upgrade / remove Records

..Spamming Tool

..keyloggers / rats

..Social Media recovery

.. Teaching Hacking / spamming / carding (1/2 hours course)

discount for re-seller

Contact: 24/7

[email protected]

  • Jan 4, 2022


It's A Great Year to start with Great Ambitions,fulfill dreams and strive through Greater Heights. But you have to be careful not to fall victims of Online Scams.


If you have been a VICTIM,


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barneshack9 @ gmail. com OR kelchambers60 @ gmail. com for Directives.

Here, It's always a win for you.

Without any Reasonable doubts, it is no News that BARNESHACK INTEL offers one of the best Hacking Services World Wide.

BARNESHACK CONFIRMS WORK done before Service is paid. Excellent Customer Service AND A 100% Guarantee.


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Copyright© 2022 Privacy Policy.

  • Jul 11, 2020


I was attack by a black-hacker who got hired by my coworker and at this time i know nothing about hiring a hacker until i lay down a complain and started searching how i can have social media back again then i came to discover about [email protected] who then i contacted and he told me his cost for service and it was ok to me simply because i needed my Youtube and Instagram account back with all means, it only too them 5 hours to get my social media back and it was so overwhelming

  • Jun 12, 2020

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  • May 5, 2020

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  • Apr 1, 2020


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  • Mar 22, 2020


Do you need to hire a licenced hackers who can even stand in court If your spouse is cheating on you,contact this crew,They can help you. very talented and immaculate I call them the genius, we’ve had a few runnings together and I am always more than satisfied with there services. Some of the tricks they did for me are cloning my girlfriend’s phone and topping my credit score to an awesome number.they offers the best services ranging from background checks, surveillance( includes access to social networks, school servers, icloud and much more), infidelity to tracing people Hack viber chats, facebook messages and yahoo messenger.Track Calls log and Spy Call Recording. Monitoring SMS text messages remotely.Cell phone GPS location tracking. Spy on Whatsapp Messages.Free Update and 100% Undetectable.Track BBM messages and Line messages.View All Photos Captured.Track Internet Browsing History and Read phone Access Address Book, totally worth your money, please no time wasters,They won’t under any circumstances work for free, you can reach them by email:cryptocyberhacker@, whatsapp: +15188160274

  • Jan 30, 2020


Coming in contact with [email protected] was never a bad idea to me. am here to share the testimony after using fabuloushacker01 i got my results in less than 3 hours 45minutes and also i want to sound this to everyone as a warning do not talk bad about hackers. you all almost made me loose my opportunity of getting my job done but am happy i followed my heart and here i am today with a lot of results i needed from my wife phone. thank you once again fabuloushacker01 and God bless you.

  • Jan 28, 2020


Be warned, most of these so called hackers here are impostors, Now i know

how real hackers work, they never advertise themselves in such a

credulous manner and they are always discrete. I have been ripped off so

many times so from experience I know pretty much how they work.

Eventually my zeal to solve my issue paid off when a friend of mine

introduced me to this guy, his professionalism is top class.

I am sharing this piece of info for those who genuinely want the service

of a professional him ; wisetechhacker (at)

He is fast and reliable 

  • Jan 12, 2020


Be warned, most of these so called hackers here are impostors, Now i know

how real hackers work, they never advertise themselves in such a

credulous manner and they are always discrete. I have been ripped off so

many times so from experience I know pretty much how they work.

Eventually my zeal to solve my issue paid off when a friend of mine

introduced me to this guy, his professionalism is top class.

I am sharing this piece of info for those who genuinely want the service

of a professional him ; wisetechhacker (at)

He is fast and reliable  

  • Nov 2, 2019


I write in tears and yet joy in my heart 'cos I brought that scumbag of a BF down after hiring WISETECHHACKER @GMAIL.COM He was my savior, he is so good at what he does, though quite expensive but IT WAS WORTH IT AT THE END. Hey ladies! Let's say NO to cheats, expose your partner today by hiring wisetechhacker He is very reliable as I choose him over other hackers I met 'cos all others scammed me...You can also text him on whatsapp(+1{917}5085328 

  • Oct 29, 2019


I had poor credit scores and it got me worried so a friend of mine directed me to (henry) and told me that he hacks into any form of technical problems so i took that bond step and contacted this hacker and after contacting him in less than 48 hours he asked me to check my credit score and i saw it was already in good condition i just want to use this moment to thank him(henry) you don’t know what you have done for me and also one thing i won’t forget to tell you all, this hacker is very down to earth and also affordable please you can reach through his

contact below [email protected]

OR TEXT +1 (717)454-3841,

Tell him Potshard Wilson referred you.

  • Oct 24, 2019

internet brokers

Internet has really grown into a detective on its own. Peoples privacy,loved ones or co workers,just to mention a few needs not to be intruded BUT realizing and satisfying our curiosity sets us free from the thoughts we drown ourselves in... This right here is an edge into those confusing state of mind we find ourselves. I've stumbled upon couple of internet hackers and spies who turn out to be scammers not until PRIME came my way and I found what I thought was lost... His numerous services are: Intercepting and Retrieving Instant Messages: Whatsapp Spy, Viber Spy, Facebook Spy, Skype Spy and Hangouts,GPS location Tracking, Call Logs Retrieval---Money Refunds – Incoming calls restriction. Remotely accessing SMS –Genuine Software cracking -Game hacking and cracking . Email : [email protected]

  • Oct 6, 2019

finally, an hacker you can trust.

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  • Aug 7, 2019

Good and trusted Hacker for hire

Hack into pay pal accounts, blogs,professional hacking into institutional servers-keylogging -University grades changing / Admin(staff) account hack -Access/Password (Facebook, Instagram, bbm,Skype, snap chat, twitter, badoo, Word Press,zoosk, various blogs, icloud, apple accounts etc.)-You can also learn some basic shit you wouldn't think you'd need on your everyday basis but find out how important and helpful they really are. use random credit cards to shop online, hack iphones, tap into your friends cal and monitor conversations, email and text message interception

Contact ; onlineghosthacker247 AT GMAIL DOT COM

  • Jan 24, 2018


Beware of scammers i have been scammed 3 times because i was trying to know if my husband was cheating until i met this hacker named; [email protected] who helped me hack into my spouse phone for real this great hacker hacked into my spouse whats-app messages,Facebook messages.text messages,call logs,deleted text messages and many more i was impressed with his job and he brought me results under 24 hours believe me he is real and his services are cheap and affordable.

  • Aug 14, 2017


I've lost thousands to these fake hackers, please don't fall for any of

them, it's taken me months to find a genuine hacker who will show you

proof before payment. Thank you kimperly lopez! you and your crew are the

bomb ,the work you did on my wife's accounts was simply phenomenal! and i

aint talking about just facebook ;) turns out he shows you valid proof

before payment. Hey if you ever need to get into your spouse's account,

improve credit points, clear criminal records,tax, protection from

spyware or simply have a score to settle or any other issues that need

addressing, completely secure and fast!! contact by email.....

[email protected].

  • Aug 23, 2016


Unsuccessful report received only after days of sending the money.

They did not even send the info promised and ignore my messagges.


  • Aug 14, 2016

Neighborhood Hacker LLC Reviews

[email protected]

yup same here, they just dont respond and although they say they have successfully got what i need they can seem to show me proof of hack and are asking for full payment.

i mean if u have the info why can you just show partial info to confirm

  • Oct 16, 2015


BEWARE!!! Neghborhood Hacker scamed me over 3000$. It was 5 cases altoghether and they dident fix any of thoes. The requasts was not complicated at all. BEWARE!!!

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