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Nectar Sleep

Country United States
State California
City Palo Alto
Address 2000 University Ave East
Phone 1 8009678594

Nectar Sleep Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2020

I ordered from Nectar from

The next day I contacted support to cancel my order. The support department did not respond to me until after they shipped the bed 7 days later. Once they responded they said try out the bed and you can always return it.


If you pay attention they offer you "free gifts" like pillow, sheets, mattress protector valued at $399, well guess what? When you want to return the entire purchase they refuse to refund the $399 for the "gifts" so you will lose no matter what!!

Do not even think of buying from this company, no matter what you will lose your money.

I have sent numerous emails to support and there is little to no response, the employees know it is a ripoff and I feel sorry that they have to work for such rip off company.

  • May 17, 2020

1. On April 29 I ordered the following from Nectarsleep.

a. One foam twin mattress

b The sale also included one set of sheets, one mattress cover, two pillows - all "free of charge_ HA!

2. I paid for the mattress with Affirm credit but

3 I never had a chance to review the order before it went through. Therefor I had no chance to review the amount charged.

4.I also never received an envoice from Nectarsleep

5. When the order arrived on May 11. instead of costing the advertized price of $499 I was charged an inflated price of $748

6. I am a 78 year old widow on social security and small govt. pension. You can imagine my distress.

7. I contacted Affdirm and they sent me back to Nectarsleep.

8. I could not find a phone numberor email for Nectarsleep on their website.

9. I contacted their chat line and had to wait about 40 minutes online.

a) at first they could not find my order Order number 3720061

b) Eventually they did find it: Order number 372991

c) At that point they had my full order infront of them and knew EXACTLY what I had ordered. I know this because the service person was able to tell me that

10. They had charged me extra for an additional one mattress cover and one set of sheets

11. I had NOT ordered the extra sheets and mattress cover. Yet they charged for them: an additional $249. I didn't want the extra product then and I don't want it now.

12. After multiple chats of 40 to 60 minutes each I was told to send them a picture of the two extra items.

13. I sent them what the wanted.

14. After multiple addidtional chats of 40 to 60 minutes they told me I had to send the TWO photos of both the mattress cover and the set of sheets. They couldn't look up the order themselves and issue a refund plus a request to UPS to pick up the extra items????? When I sent the pictures they couldn't simply print out two copies?

15. This has been going on since May 11, 2020. Either their service people are idiots or they are deliberately ripping me off.

16, I want my refund NOW

  • Sep 23, 2019

We experienced numerous issues with Nectars Customer Service. They advertise a 365 day window to trial the mattress then give you lines of excuses on why you can't return it.

They first excuse was; you haven't used it long enough, they it was your trial doesn't end for a year - make your payments and we will refund you at the year mark (Like who would ever agree to this). I simply wanted to return the mattress.

I finally got the RMA to return it and waited 7-10 business days for Affirm to receive my credit. At the 21 day mark Affirm started sending me notices that my payments for the Nectar mattress were in default. After explaining to Affirm several times via email and over the phone, I was forced to initiate a three-way conference call with both Nectar and Affirm so they could discuss why I had not been credited.

Nectar admitted to Affirm (while I was on the line) that someone on their end "messed up" and never processed the return. Errors like this prove Nectar does not have the ability to treat their customers with respect.

Had I not followed up with them, my payments would have gone into collections and my credit would have been damaged. All because Nectar "Messed Up". Unacceptable! On top of that. They are still attempting to charge me $10.49 recycling fee - that is definitely not part of the conditions I have in the agreement. What a joke!

  • Jun 15, 2019

Buyer Beware. The Nectar Sleep website offers a 365 trial period. The generous period is so you will keep the mattress you bought that is horrible for you. I just bought one. I have degenerative disc disease and sciatica. I slept on several memory foam mattresses comfortably and painfree so decided to buy one. After researching and also finding that they are all made by 2 manufacturers, I bought one that was firm which I needed.

3/4 nights I slept on it, I had back and shoulder pain. So on day 4, I call to return it. The information they told me is available on the website, but I didn't read that this will how it HAD to be. First, you must keep the mattress 30 days because THEY say it take 30 days to adjust to a enw mattress. I have a back injury, I'm not going to sleep on something for 30 days that is aggravating that injury.

Only after 30 days can you start the return process. But I must take pictures to demostrate it's not damaged, then I must work with Nectar has to find somewhere to donate the mattress, then send them a receipt of donation, and only after then can you get a refund. This is ridiculous. I have to now wait up to 2 months to find a better mattress. Needing a new mattress isn't a whim.

Yours causes me pain so now I can't get that pain fixed because you are holding my money and won't take back your merchandise. Your return policy is designed to discourage returns. Then you BRAG about how many mattresses you donate. I'm not in the donation business. I'm trying to purchase and do not appreciate being dragged into your business model.

I will update this post as I go through this ridiculous odyssey which starts today as I photograph and pack up this mushy mattress.

  • May 15, 2018

Nectar claimed that their mattresses were assembled in the United States. The problem? It was a lie. According to the FTC, Nectar's mattresses are made in China. In addition, the company has over 200 Complaints on Better Business Bureau Site and lacks BBB accrediation. Complaints include shipping issues, false promises and incredible difficulty getting a response and a refund from them.

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