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National Home Buyers Alliance

Country United States
State Alaska

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  • Jul 9, 2016

My fiancee and I saw an ad in Chicago Sum times about NHBA and their rent to own program. So we decided to set up an appointment and give them a call. Their office was conveniently located at 9415 South western avenue in Chicago, Ill. Before the appointment they ask for a nonrefundable $100 per applicant upfront. So, we gave them $200. Then was asked to step in back office where a man went over wholenlotnof paperwork and askenus to sign off on them. We then were told we were accepted in their rent to own program and if we wanted to get the paperwork started asap, then we would need to pay $1,500 now. So, we paid the $1,500. We then were asked to pit a debit card on file and pay $261.00 monthly for initial payment in the program. A Ms.Bridgette Law contacted us via e mail and phone and asked us to send all our documents such as its tax forms, copies of I.d., social security cards, check stubs, etc.

We sent through e mail. Ms. Law emailed us and kept checking on how getting the paperwork was coming along. We were sent a letter to start searching for homes with rent to own option and within the $120,000 range. My fiancee and I were extremely happy that all this hard work is finally gonna pay off. My fiancee and I paid there"initial payment" for four straight months. Then, suddenly email and phone contacts stop. Ms.Law was not able to be reached nor anyone else at the office in Atlanta at the (770) 986-8001. My FianceenandnI at this time began to worry and be skeptical of the whole thing. Then we contacted our lawyer team, then better business bureau and stop making those "initial payments." We were advised that it may be a scam. We started back getting phone calls and emails from Bridgette Law, Jeff Lyon, Scott Hutchinson. Wow,,we stop making payments and reported them now.everyone wants to contact us! When we had questions to asked them no one answered the phones or email back. My fiance and I work hard to save money to purchase our first home and to think we might been ripped off by NHBA, is really ducking sad and pisses us off. Not only are we out of thousands of dollars but we are still stuck in an unsafe apartment building on Chicago's far southside where someone got shot in front of the building, mold on inside porch, building smells like sewer waste, along with other horrible things, above all a racist landlord who do not keep up building and only wants rent money. My fiance and I saved our hard earned money in hopes to purchase a home soon, then to be pursuaded we can purchase a home soon, is all lies! Now, we are forced to continue living unhappy in unsafe apartment because of possibly being scammed! This is not right, NHBA lie to people claiming they can help them get a rent to own house and take their money without any results! No one should be allowed to continuing scamming many people and get away with it, it needs to cease! We want to see some type of justice! Can anyone help us?

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  • Jun 6, 2020


Thank you for your testimony. I had an appointment with them today. I will cancel after reading your story.

  • Mar 29, 2019


I am dealing with this company now. Were you able to get a refund? They are scammers!

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  • Apr 26, 2020


I’m about to work with them..

  • Dec 13, 2019

Nhba is a scam

Yes it is a scam they did me the same way they are scammers they will take your money and play like they are helping you and keep asking you for tax statements and check stubs please if you are doing it stop paying them i am out three thousand dollars when i told them i wanted to cancel they told me to write a cancellation letter say i wanted to cancel and i wanted my money back i never heard from them and when i called the one that was working with me she got mad when i told her a haven't received my money and then she told me there was no refunds and i haven't heard from them since.

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