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National Hair Centers

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 5828 N 7th St
Phone 602-230-0000

National Hair Centers Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2016

I have had a very bad experience with this place. From the beginning, the results that were told to me was not at all what I received. I specifically asked the person Dave McKenna (no longer there) if I would be able to see scalp in the front. He said no. The amount of scalp that I can see is far beyond anything which I discussed.

I specifically told him that I did NOT want to be out for the procedure because I wanted to be aware of the hair count as the procedure went on. I was knocked out for the whole procedure and with the horrible result, it is pretty clear that I did not get what I paid for.

The customer service with this place is atrocious. Most of the calls I left were not returned in a timely manner and often times I had to call back to get my concern addressed, sometimes this took up to 5 days.

When I last called, I was very upset and told her that I should at least be able to get in for a quick 15 minute consult with Dave or Dr.

Cole. I also asked that my email be forwarded to Dr. Cole. Never once did they tell me neither one of them still worked there! Why would you not tell someone this? And why if you were the surgeon would you not tell your client that you are moving? I saw Dr. Cole 1 week before he resigned and moved.

When I met with Dr. Cole the last time, he was very adamant that this was a good result. However, he was telling me the appointment before to just wait more time (as though it would look better....basically stating that it was not the desired outcome). Nothing had changed. After 8 months, he told me that we would "make things right" in the end. Well, none of this was ever mentioned. In fact, he pawned me off on someone knew and ducked out the back door. The ethics of surgeon are tested when there is a bad result. And this guy fails miserably.

I met with the new director recently and it's been 2 weeks since the meeting, and I have not heard back.

The whole place is shady and is fraudulent. I would stay away from this place! I'm a doctor myself, and I would not make a complaint like this unless completely warranted.

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