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National Grid USA

Country United States
State New York
City Hicksville
Address 175 East Old Country Rd
Phone 800-233-5325

National Grid USA Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2023

I posted an ad on a classified site to sell a ring for $500. A man named Brian Freeberg, 5952 Burger St.

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 [email protected], 712-356-8945, said he wanted to buy it.

He said he was going to send me a check by priority mail. I got a check made out to me from The Narragansett Electric Company in NY, for $2, 350.26. The check was sent to me by priority mail from Lumiford Private Limited in NY.

I asked Brian what I should do with the money after I deducted the $500 and he wanted me to send the rest to various people, one was Scott Tucker, email [email protected] and to Brian’s son Canaan Samuel Halder, 357 S Gordon Ave

Kankakee, IL 60901, who was the person he claimed he was buying the ring for.

Canaan’s signature, who is involved with Narragansett Electric, was also on the front of the check but I found out on my own that Canaan lives in Illinois. I sent the ring out on 10-10-23 once the check cleared to Brian to the address he gave me in MI by priority mail.

After I sent out the ring, I found out on 10-12-23 that the check for $2,350.26 was taken out of my account, which left me with a negative balance of -$109.68. My bank told me that it was returned due to Refer to Maker.

I contacted Brian about it and he said he didn’t know what happened and would have his son Canaan look into it. The next day on 10-13-23 I got an email from my bank saying that they restricted access to my account due to suspicious activity on 10-13-23.

I called the bank and they asked me some questions about the check and said they were looking into fraud related to the check, these companies and people, and an investigator would get back to me. I explained this to Brian and for him to send me my ring back, but never got it back, so I don’t have my ring or my $500. I currently have no access to my bank account because of this fraud perpetrated by this company, Canaan, Luminford and Brian Freeberg and am overdrawn because of them getting into my account! This has caused me so many inconveniences. I contacted Narragansett Electric with all the proof I have and never got a response. How can this place get away with defrauding people and stealing money from their bank accounts?

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