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National Express Van Lines

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 20442 NE 15th Ct
Phone (800) 977-5996

National Express Van Lines Reviews

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  • Oct 15, 2018

The company does not have ethics or professionalism with customers. Once your belongings are in the truck, they change the price.

Furthermore, they do not deliver on what they promise. Once the sales person gives you a price based on cubic feet, and you electronically sign, the document becomes legal for business and approved by the manager himself.

Now, the caveat on this is that they don't mention to you that is up to the mover to organize inside the truck. That is how they steal the customer's money.

When you speak with customer service, the sales person tells you that the issue is with the claim. The claimant has to talk with the manager to resolve the issue, but by the end, the customer loses because they already have your belongings, and if you don't pay, you have to pay $1,000 extra to load it.

They are stealing from the customer. Allex Rodriguez or Liz Harrington knows how well played this work is and they mock you as being cheap. His employees demand tips from the customer and ask to buy materials to move your belongings. This company has been reported to the Consumer Protection Better Business Bureau.

They don't have respect for the United Arms Forced or great citizens.

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  • May 20, 2019

This company is the biggest scam. They are NOT reputable movers and are Very unprofessional. We moved from Florida to a Dallas Texas. When the movers showed up they looked at our things and started Loading. They asked for cash. Fast forward 5 hours, this is where things got ugly.

They told us we were over by 500 cubic feet and more Then doubled our estimate. After going back and forth With them for almost an hour, we told them to unload the truck. This is where the hostility began. We were told that it would cost us money to have them unload it and that It was our fault for underestimating. I asked to go onto the truck and measure And we were told for "liability" it wasn't allowed. So wait, they want to charge me MORE than double my estimate and not even let me double check??!

Moving on, it is 10 pm and we eventually give them the extra cash and move on. Upon delivery of our items, we measured it and wouldn't you know, we were under the amount we estimated. So they lied to us, scammed us and even stole some items. We contacted the police and the FMCSA. Stay away... don't do business with these people.

  • Mar 26, 2019


Our quoted price doubled once our stuff was on the truck. The movers were a day and a half late; one of them talked about getting a tattoo the night before. That explains why they couldn't make it on time.

Our stuff was supposed to be delivered on Sunday, 4 days after it wad picked up. No show, no call. We got the first half 13 days after it was loaded. One mover showed up at 6 pm with mismatched shoes and no coat in MN. We ended up unloading most of the stuff ourselves. Furniture was broken, and the boxes had all very obviously been thrown around.

It took 10 more days to get the rest of our stuff, for a total of 24 days (the contract said 7; up to 21 for "extreme" conditions). More broken items.

A box of collectibles had been emptied and refilled with packing paper-- it was very obviously stolen at some point by someone at National Express. We're still awaiting our promised refund and reimbursement for the damaged/stolen items.

This company is exceptionally awful. The price they quote you won't be accurate, and the movers don't care at all about your things. No matter how carefully you pack, things will be damaged. Stay far, far away from this company.

  • Jan 11, 2019

Stay as Far Away as Possible

The National Express Van Lines mover called the night prior and agreed on a 9:30am pick up. Everything was ready at the building at 9am. The mover wasn’t there, so the building allowed a water cooler delivery vehicle up. The mover finally arrived by around 10:30. Immediately, he began complaining about the “horrible building management” and his time being wasted. He came into the apartment, looked at our contract quote and said it would be over $2,800— more than DOUBLE what we were quoted of $1,326. He said items were oversized, though we had the dimensions of everything in our contract already and showed him. We also had two less boxes than we were quoted (18 vs. 20). He refused to acknowledge the contract as anything more than a “suggestion” and if we didn’t sign his new contract of $2,800 he was leaving and “good luck to us”.

He was threatening, pushed me out of his path, and hung up on my husband when he called to negotiate. Our contact at National Express Van Lines was Ali, but the direct line she gave us was disconnected. We also had Liz’s number, but surprise, she wasn’t answering her phone. When I called National Express Van Lines a bait and switch he said, “What gave you the first hint?” He threw the entire sales team under the bus and was careful not to give us his name or use more than nicknames for his crew. Being in a Miami high-rise with elevator schedules and a lease ending, we had no choice but let him move our stuff. I tried to write on the contract “signed under duress,” but he crossed it out and refused to move anything if I didn’t sign it as is. To reach his $2,800 number he added fake amounts of tape, wardrobe boxes, crates, medium boxes, and charged for a long carry (my door was right outside the elevator, right beside the loading dock)— all things that didn’t exist. This company is such a SCAM.

From there, he began handling my furniture extremely roughly, calling it cheap. We had packed everything except a $400 mirror, which he promptly broke, along with a $500 TV stand before even getting it out the door. I am so furious with this company. This mover was basically laughing while he was doing it. The entire time he spoke down to me, told me my furniture was crap, and then would try to sweet talk me.

Our original contract stated that the same 26’ truck would deliver my furniture in Texas, but he told us that instead it would be hauled to a storage facility and unloaded until it would be put on a 58’ truck. It took an additional TEN DAYS from my delivery date for my furniture to be delivered and the company (a completely new one) tried to give me two hours notice.

Because I had been so threatened in Miami, I had visited Austin PD prior to their arrival and had an undercover officer on duty. The company delivering had broken SO MUCH FURNITURE. It’s unclear whether it happened unpacking in Florida after the initial pickup or packing to move to Texas. There was also a lot of water damage. The total cost to replace everything broken is roughly $3,500. Currently we’re sitting waiting to hear back from their claims department, but we doubt anything will happen. Stay far away from them.

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