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National Budget Planners

Country United States
State California
City Dublin
Address 4101 Dublin Blvd
Phone 800-582-8839

National Budget Planners Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2018

National Budget Planners (NBP) contacted me about loan consolidation. I was unemployed, and the timing seemed perfect. They set me up on an income based program and assured me they were there to handle my account. My first electronic fund transfer was in January of 2015 and subsequent transfers followed through July 2017. In July of 2017, I received a statement from the Department of Education (DOE) stating my loans were in default. I assured them my loans had been consolidated, and were no longer payable to them. The representative said payments were being made for the year of 2015, but went into default for failing to recertify in 2016. I asked why I hadn't been contacted. I was told several attempts were made to contact me, so I asked what contact information they hadOn file. The information they had on file was that of NBP. All of the correspondence from the DOE went to NBP and was not forwarded or handled.

I contacted NBP immediately and their first response was to tell me I was to blame for not recertifying my loans with DOE. I reminded them of the congratulatory letter they sent me on my loan consolidation and the fee I paid them each month for managing my account. After seven or eight weeks of phone calls and broken promises I received some checks in the mail from NBP with no explanation. My wife and I assumed it was for a portion of their fees. It was as if NBP was trying to clean up their mess by paying me off. Now, I have been turned over to collection. This could result in garnishment of wages and taking any tax refund I may receive until the loans have been rehabilitated.

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