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Nathan Parrots Farm

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Lawton
Address 14 Ashbury Way
Phone 802-265-0186

Nathan Parrots Farm Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2020

I purchased a 4 month African Grey from Nathan Parrots Farm. Once the deal was negotiated for the bird I was advised that they do not accept credit cards, and payment can only be made by Paypal, Zelle or othe cash apps to a gmail or yahoo address. I should have stopped here, but the person I was dealing with was so nice.

Upon receiving payment for the bird, Nathan Parrots Farm then required us to purchase an airfreight crate in order to ship the bird. This was a hidden charge mentioned only after I had purchased the bird. The crate was purchased and we were sent a false shipping tracking number with Inter-Continental Cargo Logistics.

This logistics company is most likely run and created by the same people running the Nathan Parrot Farm scam. The bird was never delivered. They tried to say that U.S. Customs quaratined the bird due to no vaccinations and wanted more money to vaccinate the bird. I called U.S. Customs myself and found out they had no bird in quaratine. I reached out to Nathan's Parrots Farm for a refund and/or a resolution and have not heard from them since. Nathan Parrots Farm is a scam and hopefully this post will help others avoid the scam.

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