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Nathan Cloud

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Lahaina

Nathan Cloud Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2016

Do not do any type of Business with Nathan Cloud, "Nate" . I ordered some T-Shirt screen printing from Nathan Cloud (Nimbus Printing)

I always try to support local businesses, but went it very wrong with this petty thief. I put down a $750 deposit. 2 mos later I got 12 iron shirts, lies, and lots of excuses. A couple of weeks after the order, I saw him and his girlfriend, he made a quick instictive move to avoid me, but i saw him. I got the vibe then that this guy was a crook. He then skipped town on me. He avoided me. I almost found him a few times, he could not keep a job long enought to track him down. I imagine the owners got tired of victims trying to reach him. It does not even bother him when he ripps of hard working family owned businesses trying to make it. I did finally email with him recenyly and he said he is in Europe now, but I believe he is still on Maui. Guys that do business like this need to learn a lesson. No one ever does anything and they keep ripping people off! Do not trust a word he says. Hopefully Karma strikes hard and fast.

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