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Narconon Fresh Start

Country United States
State California
City Glendale
Address 225 W Broadway # 420
Phone 855-734-2223

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews

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  • Jan 16, 2016

Since 2014 my wife and I have been trying to get our twenty thousand dollars back from narconon fresh start. I went there in December of 2013 to February of 2014. Online they make this program look great and told my wife that blue cross blue shield would cover the program. We were to get 80% back, well this was a complete lie. First they told us to bring cash and I did. They played on our emotions. Anyway, what is shown online isn't close to what the program is. It is scientology even though they deny that. Well my wife came out to visit me on Valentine's Day weekend and what she saw put her in shock. I went home with her and we were promised to get 20,000 dollars back, ( a far cry from eighty percent but we were wanting to get a least something back. They wrote up a contract stating they would pay us 10,000 dollars and shortly after that the other 10,000 dollars. We did get our first 10,000 but since October of 2014 until now we have been getting excuse after excuse and we want our money.

These people claim they help people, when after all they just steal your money. They don't care how they get it they just take what they want by playing people's emotions. A Bruce Hadrill their in house attorney says anything just to shut you up. He has already yelled at us and I have plenty of emails and signed broken promisary notes signed by them. All I want is my money back. Is there anybody out there that can help us. We need our money.It is hard to explain this.

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