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Nar Mac Construction Company, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Royse City
Address 2948 Ruger Dr,
Phone 469-402-0260

Nar Mac Construction Company, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2017

Nar Mar Construction Company, Inc - WARNING! Currently and Formerly known as McAnally Construction Company and MCC & Associates Inc of Rockwall, TX owned by Shannon McAnally, Megan McAnally, John McAnally, Keith McAnally, Cindy McAnally, & Ryan Narramore, ripped off my dental office, subcontractors and illegal immigrants for $707,000.00 cost & millions in damages? I hired M.C.C. and Associates of Royse City and Rockwall, TX, now renamed Nar Mac Construction Company Inc. as of 2017, to build my dental office and the product was so poor, I ended up firing them. Here’s my story: “I hired M.C.C. to build my 2600 sq ft dental office on 12/22/15, & fired M.C.C. 08/3/16 and the project was still NOT even close to being completed. My bank would pay a draw every month. One part owner, Shannon McAnally, knowingly hired a 2 time convicted DRUG FELON (heroin) as my superintendent, whom had ZERO experience in light construction of a small office.

Another partial owner & construction manager, Ryan Narramore, allowed delays beyond the scope of anything reasonable, was extremely ill tempered, unprofessional, unorganized, & blamed the weather for most of M.C.C.’s delays. The original owner, John McAnally, hasn’t worked for the company since 2009 per Ryan Narramore, & his kids now run M.C.C. along w/Ryan N. No owner in the company has any engineering /architecture degrees or qualifications except John McAnally, yet he is not licensed, & is retired. Ryan Narramore (college dropout) & his superintendent, attempted many changes to my office on their own volition w/out consulting my civil engineer & having signed change orders from me. I also interviewed several of my subs, & the sentiments about the company were very negative. Several subs outright quit. Others were also fired w/out my consent. I was told by an employee that I was over/undered on wood ordered vs wood used & not credited back to me or $1200.00. I was charged $6600.00 for an as built survey in my contract that was never even done. My parking lot elevations (drawn by my engineer) were not followed by an as built survey, and they just staked, eyed/measured w/a 2×4 & tape measure, creating drainage issues. My roof was built 8 inches too high on 3/4th of the parapet, causing the stucco to be misaligned, then forcing them to recut my parapet causing more delays. My foundation was jackhammered more than 20 times, post pour, bc they missed their plumbing locations, ruining my future stained concrete floors. UPDATE: MY ROOF NOW LEAKS (see pics). These are more than 100 documented issues that I faced. I was forced to go to my office every day to document all work & check every step w/pictures due to M.C.C. incompetence. When questioning their trade practices, I was met w/disdain, greed, contempt, withholding work, shutting down my job site illegally, & threats to sue me into foreclosure. The quality of work was so poor, I was forced to fire them after numerous breaches of contract, gross unprofessionalism, & complete negligence. Incompetence, lies, horrible mismanagement, ZERO accountability are just a few words.

There was zero attention to detail throughout the project, zero customer service, & zero customer retention abilities. I had asked for a meeting for months w/John McAnally, Shannon McAnally, & Megan McAnally to discuss how poorly the office was being built & noticing a drainage issue that would cause flooding & mold, yet was completely, 100% ignored for months. One owner, Shannon went so far as to block my professional emails to her work. Not one return email, call, or text. It wasn’t until AFTER I ordered an “as built” survey proving negligence, & hired an attorney, M.C.C. finally took interest, & the original owner showed up like a ‘used’ car salesman. After firing M.C.C., they put a mechanics & materials lien on my property for $107,000.00, even after knowing how poor their work was, how much has to be demo’d/redone, how many credits I was still owed due to poor work, & not following plans exactly as given to them, then attempted to silence and sue me for $1,000,000.00 for my 100% true and accurate reviews outing their alleged criminal company to the public.

My experience w/the McAnally’s and Ryan Narramore was SHOCKING & DEPLORABLE. I interviewed 2 new contractors, & an engineer whom all stated that M.C.C.’s work was completely unacceptable. Youtube D. Dental for project videos or go to and Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE 11/19/16: M.C.C. & Associates is being sued for approx. $2,000,000.00 by Riverside Park Apt. Complex in Farmer’s Branch, TX for the exact same reasons. Have spoken to Riverside Park's attorney. M.C.C. has allegedly been attempting to hide money in overseas accounts to dodge lawsuits, skirt the IRS & pretend to bankrupt their company MCC & Associates & McAnally Construction Company to reopen under the new name and website Nar Mac Construction Company, Inc as of Jan. 2017. BEWARE!

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