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Naples Nissan

Country United States
State Florida
City Naples
Address 3640 Pine Ridge Rd
Phone 239-302-3284

Naples Nissan Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2019

All I wanted to do was buy my car at the end of my lease. I have excellent credit. I love my car. After 3 years, I only have 16k miles on the’s in great shape. I called ahead to the salesperson who was blowing up my phone 3 months ahead that my lease ended January 15. Too much going on, I chose to wait. When I called, I made it clear that I want to buy the car, I don’t have much time to spare with work as we are extremely busy, how can I get things done ahead so I only need to come in and sign? As suggested, I filled out the on-line credit app. I was told they deal with tons of banks and if I have great credit, a low interest rate is not out of the question.

I called later reminding Dave I am coming in but am still at work and will be a bit longer. I show up and waited 15 mins for him to do whatever he was doing. He comes to me with an offer of 10% interest for 4, 5, and 6 years. I was furious. I wanted 3 years. He told me ”but then your payments will be too high..”. Who is he to tell me what is high? Never checked my credit. I was not there to wheel and deal my own car. After several trips to his Sales Manager, he stopped at 5.7%. That is the Nissan rate. “Everyone gets that rate no matter their credit score”. ???? I walked out. Received a phone call (knew it was him and did not answer), then a text as I was driving off the lot. “We may be able to get 3.99% but it will be really hard to get”. I decided i will get my own loan elsewhere. I did. 2.49% for 3 years.

I called Nissan Finance. They said the only way I could buy my car is to go to the dealership. I dreaded it and certainly did not understand why. I called. Said I got financing and will be in. I just want to buy my car. Every time I walk in that place, I have some hungry salesperson smothering me not even knowing why I am there. Well, of course they were not prepared. I waited. They presented my buyout price which escalated $500. Dealers fee they said. Interesting it was hidden in the price. Then their was tax. Then it was followed by approx $2500 in bogus made up fees. I questioned every one of them and ”Ken” with his cocky attitude said everyone pays that. I called my loan company who said they have never heard of such charges. Then there was also a “2.99%” interest rate listed with 4 and 5 year terms. I asked what that was, and Ken, with his pompous attitude said “you said you were getting 2.99%.” I said I have a loan already and it is 2.49%. Ken says “it’s only a difference of a dollar”. Oh lord. I walked out while he got all snotty like I don’t know what I am doing.

There should be a class action suit against this company for lying to their customers. Can you imagine the number of people who fall for that crap? What about the elderly? Furthermore, my company has purchased no less than 5-7 vans from Naples Nissan. That did not seem to phase them at all. Never again. I have 2 weeks to buy my car or I have to make another payment.

I contacted my boss/owner who contacted someone who could help me. He has a dealership in NY. He said they are lying and trying to make money off you. My risidual value is a lot less that the actual value of the car. They were even taking pictures of it for no reason. I wasn’t turning it in. They realized they can make money on the car if they sell it. When that didn’t work, they wanted make money off of me with bogus charges. Thieves. They should be shut down. Ken Chavis is a liar who cares only about how much money he can take from you. It is true to some extent that women get taken for a ride. I am not done with them for wasting my time and putting me through this.

  • Jan 18, 2016

I purchased a 2015 Nissan Titan yesterday 1/16/2015 at Naples Nissan. I was actually there to have my 2005 pathfinder serviced. While waiting a salesman approached me about buying a new vehicle, I told him I would be willing to take a look at the Nissan Titan. Online they advertised the same exact Titan (verifed it was the same VIN # As advertised on website) for $33,427.00 discounted from the MSRP of $39,815.00! WOW! What a deal, huh? To top it off they were going to give me $8,000 for my trade in of the 2005 Patherfinder (expected to use this as down payment). I thought, great I will get into a new truck and it would be affordable! NOPE, not at all! After they lured me into the usual sleezy salesman tactic that we all know so well, it ended up being only $5,000 for my trade in, with me buying the Titan at $38,189.31 at their "discounted price" in house. Remember they were advertising this same exact vehicle for a discounted price of $33,427.00 on their website. So let me show you the math... $38,189.31 plus taxes ($2246.63)= $40,435.94 Minus the $5,000.00 trade in, additional $600 cash down & a rebate of $2850.00, we have a total of: $31,985.94 Now we add in the total extended maintenance agreement and government fees of $4466.60... This totals $36,452.54 for financing through the bank. So, we can say this was the total that I paid for the vehicle after giving them $8450, a Whooping $44,902.54 Now, let me show you the numbers for them offering the ADVERTISED PRICE! $33,427.00, minus $8450 (adding together the $5,000 trade, $600 cash down & $2850 Rebate) = $24,977.00, minus $4,466.00 for extended maintenance & Gov fees =$29,443.60, add in the 6% sales taxes of $1766.61 bringing it to a total of $31,210.21 Take a look at $36,452.54 (what I paid) vs. $31,210.21 (what should have been paid) = $5,242.33 overpayment!!! This is a VERY large difference in price, not just $200 or $300 - $5,242.33 that was overpaid, Shame on them for taking advantage!!!! And I repeatedly heard how they were losing on the deal and under the price they should have been, was reassured this was a great deal. Sure! Great deal for them to take an extra $5,242.33! Obviously, they were not going to give the truck away for nothing and would have made something off the sale even when they advertised the $33,427 amount... Besides this we could of saved about $50 in the monthly payment with doing outside financing although they insisted that wasn't the case! Do your research and do the math, DO NOT trust them. It's sad because I have never had this issue in eleven years with Nissan and in these years we have had 9 vehicles. I tried to go into the dealership to show them my concerns and TRUST me when I tell you they will cater to you hand and foot when they want to sell you the car, after that they treat you like garbage and throw you to the curb... Couldn't be bothered after you sign and hand over the money. Yes, I should of walked out and reviewed before signing.. Really believed I could trust I was getting a good deal! NOPE! The deal was only good on their end. They got what they wanted and don't care about you after that. It was like pulling teeth to get a car fax and the history of the vehicle because I raised the issue of the odometer not being right and they were dumbfounded when I knew more about the car then they did. I am currently looking into that part and will update on what I find since I believe it actually had a mileage amount of 7,699 instead of 1,645 per their "supposed" records. Not one bit of information that was given me to was correct so at this point I wouldn't even acknowledge a thing they "claim". I regret the moment I even entertained the idea of looking into the truck to begin with. They don't want to let you walk out the door without buying a car from them, they slam it in your face for any other concerns, that IS NOT customer service. I am expecting to be out close to $10,000 if in fact this vehicle has a hidden history I would like this corrected right away, from the looks of today's meeting I will not be working with Nissan since I was advised by the sales manager to have "my attorney contact them".I will Persue this and go to any length to see that they do not get away this, The way they acted was if they want to be investigated and get involved in ligation procedures. I truly believe they are going to be regretting the "I am not going to work with you attitude" more so then I regret buying the vehicle.

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