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Nadew Mezgebu, LLC

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Cambridge
Address 2497 Massachusetts Ave.

Nadew Mezgebu, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2020

I hired Mr. Mezgebu briefly to teach Android web app development to my teenage sons, and install an operating system on servers located at my home, my business, and a remote off-site server backup out of state. He gave false and riduculous credentials which resulted in firing him after 11 days.

His LinkedIn page indicates that he works as an IT engineer at Harvard Business School.

He claims to have written and coded Android apps

He claims to have worked on flight systems for a USAF fighter jet.

Hanscom AFB where he claimed to work closed its aviation facilities when he was a child, 25 years ago. The F-19B does not exist. HBS does not list him in it's staff and employee directory and HR denies he works there.

Two aops he claimed to write are the intellectual property of a Chinese hobbyist in Shanghai and a startup in India..

Check his references. Compare his Linkedin page with reality. Know the truth.

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