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report scam, Inc.

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 3701 Arco Corporate Dr #500
Phone (866) 606-6922
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  • Mar 13, 2021

Guy's its common sense!! You not going to be a IT Professional within 4 week's Guy's its no-way you can learn everything ITT within 4week's I attended MYCOMPUTER.EDU with a open mind I was sold on a dream...MYCOMPUTER.EDU never gave me no evaluation to see even if this field is for me..I attend on-line classes for only 13 day's I did not like the course they was teaching me, most of the materials they teach you is on YouTube..I started feeling uncomfortable with the program mostly for amount they was charging me $24,000 and don't forget that is with interest, I study so hard went for the exam at the campus and FAIL !!On the exam was asking me question's like i was a ITT Professional of how to fix certain issues I withdrawal from MYCOMPUTER.EDU just in time before they got my my Federal Grant Funds!!! Thank God !! Now I have attorneys double impacting my credit score !! for $5,430.00 private loan.. for 13 day's 2 day's a week, 4 hours a day... Guy's the on-line classes offer you no hands on.. but just a pile of expensive debt and headache's from lawyers harrassing me for $$$$$ If you want bad credit and high debt and stress attend MYCOMPUTER.EDU.

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS NEEDED !!! I contacted the attorney General !

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