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MultiPlan, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 115 Fifth Avenue
Phone 800-922-4362

MultiPlan, Inc. Reviews

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  • Aug 25, 2015

On August 17, 2015, I was in search of health insurance for myself and my 18 y/o son. I called Blue Cross of Texas and was routed to a salesman named James. James stated that I was lucky today b/c the plan he had was a subsidiary of Blue Cross and was given to only a certain amount of individuals. From what I have written, the plan is a 70/30, no deductibles, $50 cash benefit for each doctor visit, PPO, Rx coverage, preventative care, dental and vision. For $360/month. With the whole idea appealing, I still questioned the price versus the excellent coverage. James then stated that he would let me speak to his supervisor, Frank. I specifically asked Frank if my two doctors were in network. I gave him minimal information. I allowed him time to google my docs and see their pictures and address on the Internet. Anyone could have done this. Frank told me in a very happy tone that both doctors were in network. I was relieved to hear this. As a matter of fact, Frank stated, he has his own wife on this plan. Boy did I feel better.

I had to pay a $155 enrollment fee one time only. All payments were taken from a call center that required me to answer questions about the plan and fully understand what I was going to be paying. The phone call kept dropping, and after 5.5 hours on the phone, I had succeeded in verifying payment. I could not understand a word that the call center individuals were saying as their accents were very thick. I was asked to sign on Internet but each page would stick thus making it impossible for me to move on to next page.

I had specifically asked for the payment to come out of my account on the 24th of July and this upset the sale of the policy. In essence, my Internet attempts to sign were still in the computer and were somehow not allowing the money to come out as promised on the 24th. I called the Florida number 954-606-9070 for assistance. Little did I know, this would be the only number I could call. I was given the name of Companion Life, thinking this was my health insurance. I later found out that my plan was called Multiplan.

What has multiplan done for me? Absolutely nothing. My doctors are not in network as Frank had promised, the plan is not available for just a brief period and then Poof! it is gone, and my two salesmen did exactly what I asked them not to do...Lie to me. Frank must think that I just fell off the Turnip truck if he thinks I believe his wife is on this plan. James assured me that with all of the great things, I would get an awesome drug plan. It is not a drug plan. It is a card that is not related to insurance and has no use whatsoever with the insurance portion of the plan. It is a coupon, a flaked out form of screwing people into thinking they can save a lot of money, and is not recognized by major retail drugstores across my area.

What angers me the most is that two people who apparently sleep well at night are screwing people left and right. All the things that James and Frank told me were lies. Why do that to someone? Just be straight with me and I'll be happy to pay. Now I am stuck with this horrible bunk insurance and generic,pathetic Rx card. I feel betrayed while all I wanted was to be sure that my son and I were covered. My husband was a police officer and had a stroke while at work. I am unemployed as well. After so much difficulty, why must these two men be allowed to play their games over and over?

I have nobody to call except the Florida number. They want to help by telling me to switch doctors that are in the plan. No. I was told they were. Why should I get ripped off for something I did not do? They need to issue formal apologies and pay me back, and then find the plan I asked for to begin with. What a waste of time. They made me, others, their families, and this company look terrible. I wish that the tapes would be played back to someone who cares. Hear my voice and hear their lies. I am beyond words. Please don't let them do this to someone else.

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  • Jul 28, 2016

I was contacted by them multiple times after going online and stating that I need health insurance coverage since I am leaving my current job and will be self employed. The first time they called, I explained I had found a provider (Molina). I have never heard of Molina, but my mom had, so I agreed. They hung up. THEN they called again the next day. The guy (Robert) claimed he could find me a cheaper better plan. I allowed him to look. He claimed he found a PPO plan with 0 deductable and 0co-pay except on perscription was cheaper than Molina and sounded great! I was stoked! I asked who it was, he said the number one insurance provider "Multi plan". I was skepticle and told him, I need to think.

He called the next day and asked if I was still interested. I was still skepticle and began to ask him questions based upon what I was told from Molina. He was able to give me a lot of information but not enough, since I did not pay. He said that because of FRAUD- yes he said this!!- he cannot give me information until I pay. However, it was 100% refundable. I was very, very reluctant, but was intreigued by the $50 a month cheaper price, so I agreed to pay. He instantly was able to give me his name, phone number, how much co-pay I had to pay, my co-insurance amount, and assured me more would be in my email within 3 hours. I was excited, but still skepticle.

So, I began to google search as I was speaking to him. THEN, we were disconnected. At that moment, there I saw FRAUD; SCAM; ALERT. Several sites stating that this was a scam! I freaked! I called back and told the rep and she put me on hold. Then HE called ME back! Yes, he did! I told him I wanted to cancel, he then siad "its canceled" and HUNG UP! No confirmation number, no nothing!!! Just, click! I then called me credit card company and had the card canceled immediately (it was due in 1 month so it really was no big deal). However, for anyone else DO NOT AGREE!!! SCAM!!!!! Ugh, always research and stick to your gut! Regardless of money!!! Lesson learned luckily it wasnt worse!

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  • Dec 12, 2017

Received a call from an agent claiming to be part of the Affordable Health Network Marketplace. The agent was very pleasant, seemed to be informed and above board. Was sympathic that our health insurance premiums were increasing again and after a few brief questions explained that since were are an "older couple" (63 & 62) we should look for a plan that didn't cover maternity, mental health or addiction services since we were unlikely to need them. Seemed reasonable.

Even though there were some red flags I still believed what he was telling me. I am not an uneducated person. I took detailed notes of everything he TOLD me. I failed to notice what he was NOT telling me.

What he was NOT telling me is that Multiplan/Perennial Care is NOT health insurance. He asked me the names of some of our current doctors and verified that all of them accept Multiplan as does the University of Florida Health System which we would most likely be using. He stated that the coverage was comparable to BC/BS, Aetna etc and implied that it was underwritten or affiliated with Chubb Insurance.

Zero deductibles he assured me and that any pre-existing conditions would not be problematic.

Montly premiums, including coverage for RX, vision, dental and "health" would total about $400 monthly. A savings of approximately $400 a month for us.

The agent even gave me his direct number and extension if I had any questions or needed anything. He did tell me that the coverage would be effective Jan. 1, 2018 and I could cancel with a COMPLETE Refund prior to Dec. 15, 2017. This transaction occurred on November 28, 2017.

Since then I have done some research - and consulted with my attorney - and realize I have been scammed. Not sure what Perennial Care actually does, if anything.

Today I contacted their Customer Service Department and cancelled everything. The representative on the phone was polite and provided cancellation confirmation numbers etc. I have been promised a FULL REFUND from Perennial Care, but only a partial refund from My Essential Lab & Wellness. In the tiny print on their correspondence it states that admin/registation fees will not be refunded. I am out several hundred dollars but consider myself lucky. I also am sending certified letters to the companies (somehow Perennial Care and Essential Lab & Wellness are related, but separate).

We are staying with BC/BS.

My advice is, don't believe what you hear. Don't feel like you must sign up and pay on the spot.

I don't think they are part of the Affordable Health Care Marketplace at all and what they sell does not qualify as Minimal Essential Coverage under federal law. People who buy will still be fined for not having health insurance.

Hang up on them.

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  • Mar 10, 2016

Last May,I was contacted by a representative of Principle Advantage L.B.H.I.,as I was looking for insurance on my computer. The rep. assured me that this was the best insurance for the money! No Deductible,and Low Monthly payments! just what the "Doctor" ordered!

Last Dec 2nd,I was admitted to Emergency Room with dizziness and confusion issues. I underwent blood tests,as well as a C.T. Scan. After being there for approximately 3 hours,I showed my "Health" card,and was told that the co-pay was satisfied. So was I! My former "company's" insurance required $50.00.

It is now March 9th,and on the 7th,I received a letter,from WEBTPA, (HII MED SENSE Guaranteed Association,Grapevine,Texas.

i opened it,and couldn't catch my breath! None of the accrued hospital bills were satisfied,and only one bill,for $593.00,had a "Discount" of $88.95! I called all three telephone numbers,on the back of the card,just to be told that "you understand that this is "Limited Benefit" coverage.

That is not the policy that was sold to me by "Larry"! He even emphasized the "Limited Benefit" title was only used to pass the savings of full coverage insurance,on to the consumer! Oh,and I received a check for $25.00,to compensate for the $25.00 co-pay at my Doctor's office,for a follow-up. i was diagnosed with acute depression,and prescribed meds.

Now that I have $5,000.00 worth of bills to pay,with about 1/5th of that amount in the bank,I'm about CRAZY!! I CAN'T AFFORD THESE BILLS!! What am I paying insurance for?? you get FINED by the Government,if you don't apply for coverage,but that's a Fraction compared to the premiums paid to these Scammers! They NEED to Be Stopped!! Next Stop-B.B.B

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  • Dec 7, 2016

multiplan is not insurance

This is a health management company that contracts with Insurance companies and has a few networks of providers. These reviews claiming fraud on multiplan are entirely false and poorly researched.

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  • Oct 5, 2016

Now that I am trying to use the insurance they are saying that it want cover pain doctors. They have taken $699.50 from me and now they are telling me that I was told it would not cover pain but that I would not listen to them. But they still took my money knowing what I needed.

I took this insurance out to cover my pain. I told them exactly what I needed. Now they are saying that I was told it did not over pain doctors. Now they are saying, I wouldn't listen to what they tried to tell me. If I was not listening to them why did they still write the policy. That is $699.50 that came out of my pocket and the insurance is no good. Well I hope that they are stop from taking everyones money.

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  • May 16, 2016

I was downsized from my job of 10 years on April 30, 2015. I lost my Health Insurance on May 31,2015. Not wanting to pay a fine to the IRS for not having Health Insurance i started to look on the internet. I googled Obama care Health Insurance. I started to recieve calls immediaitly from different people. He told me that I could get this Insurance plan for only 143.00 a month. and that it had no copays or deductables. I kept asking him if this was real insurance and not a discount plan, He said it was a real PPO Insurance Plan and it pays for Doctors visits and lab and xrays and ER Visits. Well, It is a discount plan and it only pays 50.00 towards 1 lab a year. Does not pay for flu shots or any other shots. they want to take the money right out of your Bank Account when you sign up. That was no problem for me. Now I am out 572.00 and only a 50.00 pay out. the 300.00 fine would have been cheaper. I am still without health insurance since I canceled this so called scam insurance today,10/27/2015.

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  • Apr 4, 2016

I thought I was purchasing health insurance I went online in search of health insurance and a number of people called. I went with one company theyseemed to understand what I wanted. Until I went to use itand found outI was being ripped off. Called and cancelled and it took a while Ihad to cancel my card to get them to stop charging me.

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  • Aug 22, 2015

I went online looking for health insurance as I left my job to care for 2 grandchildren and lost my medical insurance. This company is the only one that called to give me a quote. The salesman said his name was Scott and after getting a small amount of information from me he told me I was in luck because he had a group insurance that had an opening and I could get coverage for hospital, Dr.visits , surgery, even dental and prescriptions with no deductible or copay.i asked how that would work he said you just pay $50 for any Dr you go to and a $99.00 membership fee per year. My monthly fee is $344.00 and it would be effective as of Aug. 15th this year. I paid the $99 and $344.00 on July 31 2015 on a credit card. I didn't want this monthly fee to be put on my charge card every month so I tried to call them to change my payment method and the phone # I was given is no longer in service. They sent a PDF file to my email address and I could not read it. It was unreadable. I finally received a packet in the mail that states on one card that is not insurance! It is some sort of discount card!!! The other card for doctors says insurance but you can only see a dr 5 times per year! This is really some sort of scam. I tried the # on the back of the insurance card and it has a voicemail to leave a message. I did and still have not heard from them.

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  • Nov 14, 2017


HUGE SCAM, with no concrete in information. Took our money! When we started to look p providers and benefits, they were all lies....

Wal-Mart doctors, limited perscriptions, it went on and on. we cancelled as soon as we figured this out.....

DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jul 22, 2017

While browsing a few sites looking for cheaper health insurance I entered my contact information and received a phone call from the website immediatly. They said they were going to set me up with a insurance representative and tradfered me over where I spoke with a man named Antonio. He asked me a few questions and said that he could set me up with Health/Dental/Vision insurance for $132 a mon. Sounded too good to be true but we went ahead and filled out all my information and he transferred me over to the finance department where I talked to a man named Sebastian. He quoted me some slightly higher number but said that was normal since they were coming to a point on the premium numbers and before was just an estimate. Fine...ok. So I sign up and it's a $50 application fee as well as the first months payment.

At this point several red flags were popping up but I had already signed on. So I contacte my state insuarance department and spoke to them about what I had signed up for. He said the MultiPlan PPO is a type of service and not a company, so I looked into what actual company was going to be representing me. It was The National Congress of Employers or NCE. This is a legit company but they do not sell health insurance! They are a company that offers discounts for appointments and they do not comply with the ACA. So come the end of the year it would have looked like I didn't have insurance at all and would have had to pay the penalty.

Long story short I should have asked more in depth question but as this was the first time I'd bought insurance I wasn't too sure I knew what was going on. PPO MultiPlan is a company that claims to sell you cheap health insurance but is really setting you up with coupons that will hurt you at the end of the year. And I'm out $50.

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  • Dec 16, 2016

12/15/2016...I filled out an online form for health ins in DE. I've been called by the same local phone # but with different last few digits nonstop now for hours. Finally, I talked with Anthony for 90 minutes and was told much of what is written on the outscam web site and many other places online.

Overview: full coverage for health, RX, Dx, dental, vision and hearing for a mere $205 month plus a one time group enrollment fee of $99.95. Total due today $305.34... w/o getting anything in writing. It sounded too good to be true...Therefore, I decided, it can't be true.

Prior to giving my credit card info, I googled Multiplan reviews and found tons of websites like this. Then Anthony kept telling me, It is true, it is insurance, it is a PPO, it is not a discount card, etc. I would lose my license if I were lying to you.

Finally he agreed to email me some docs, which I never got. He even gave me his direct line to call him back to pay the premium. Frustrated in DE and feeling it's unfair that Obamacare seems the only legit way to get health insurance coverage, otherwise I will be penalized at tax time.

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  • Dec 15, 2016

MultiPlan is a ripoff

12/15/2016...I filled out an online form for health ins in DE. I've been called by the same local phone # but with different last few digits nonstop now for hours. Finally, I talked with Anthony for 90 minutes and was told much of what is written above. Overview: full coverage for health, RX, Dx, dental, vision and hearing for a mere $205 month plus a one time group enrollment fee of $99.95. Total due today $305.34... w/o getting anything in writing. It sounded too good to be true...Therefore, I decided, it can't be true. prior to giving my credit card info, I googled Multiplan reviews and found tons of websites like this. Then Anthony kept telling me, It is true, it is insurance, it is a PPO, it is not a discount card, etc.Finally he agreed to email me some docs, which I never got. He even gave me his direct line to call him back to pay the premium. Frustrated in DE and feeling it's unfair that Obamacare seems the only legit way to get health insurance coverage, otherwise I will be penalized at tax time.

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  • Jul 28, 2016

I was on this K-Mart level insurance last year. Found out today that they are going to charge me $270 because my provider was at a diffent address than what was under contract with them. Who writes down the address? They would concede nothing. Please take screenshots if you have to have them as a provider. They will try to scam you!

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  • Jun 22, 2018


Trying to find insurance for my family and was rerouted to MultiPlan. They kept selling me and selling me on it but I had never heard of this company before. Sherri, the representative, told me to google largest PPO network and it didn't come up so instead, I googled MultiPlan while on the phone with her. Without knowing, she transferred me to another associate (closer), the floor manager who began to sell me on it as well. When I told him a lot of scam information comes up with my google search, he hung up on me.

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  • Jun 19, 2018

Please do not deal with this company. It is a scam. If you need them for an emergency forget about it.

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  • May 29, 2018

My daughter is a 25 year old college student and did not pay her premium for the Kaiser insurance I had gotten for her. She had my credit card info to pay it but kept "forgetting". Long story but she was cancelled. I kept recieving calls from Multi Plan and decided to hear what they had to say. It was about $72 cheaper per month than Kaiser and had no deductible. While on the phone with them I read the other reports on this site about them. Asked tons of questions and I believe I got straight answers. Here's the catch - they are not Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant, so my daughter may get a tax hit when she files this fall. However the new health care laws are now very lax on this issue so we'll see. Here's what you need to know about this plan that they don't tell you unless you ask:

- Only covers 5 doctor visits a year. After that you pay the amount that the insurance would have covered but its still going to be a lot even if its not full price.

- Does not cover pregnancy or any substance abuse.

I purchased it anyway because she rarely goes to the doctor more than 5 times a year and it covers hospitilation for 30 days if she is in an accident or something. Not worried about pregnancy or substance abuse. It is month to month so I can cancel anytime. For a college student who is heathly I think this might be a good plan. For a working adult who has a decent income I would not risk the tax penalty for not being ACA compliant. I will post more when I see if they really come through with the doctor payments and prescription co-pays which sound too good to be true. Stay tuned.

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  • May 8, 2018

I was contacted by phone by Brand Dowki 1800-533-5125 ext 140, claiming he was an isnrance Broker. FIRST TIP a ligimate insurance company is not going to contat you by phone, you have to contact them. He was a high pressure sales person. He offered me health insurance through MultiPlan, Inc. The offer sounded too good to be true. In fact it was not true! He ask me some information and put me on hold while he was supposdely processing my applaication. He came back on line and went over the supposedly insurance I would receive. At that point I started asking questions, I reaffermed his name and his phone number, the web site for the insurance provider. Still using high pressure sales style, he wanted me to sign up right then. I ask for his web page, and told him I wold need to do some resurch first. At that point he said "I see where this is going" and hung up the phone on me. What i found out by doing the research is that MultiPlan,Inc is not recognized by the FL insurance commission as an Insurer. Further, that if i had purchased the insurance, I would have not qualified for having insurance all year, and would have to pay the tax penilty at the end of the year. Run do not walk away from any broker or Agent that you did not call yourself or offeres you a MultiPlan, Inc policy.

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  • Jan 3, 2018

Payed them for insurance coverage a ppo When tried to use found out I had no coverage They tell me I got it providers gets told I don't have none I switched to them they made it sound good cut my payment from 1,600 a month To 900.00 my wife has als now have found I have no insurance and have to pay for hospice and all medical bills and is past open inrollment so I got screwed but no body will do nothing about it to put them out of business or get people's hard earned money back !!!!

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  • Jan 1, 2018

I called, to find lower coverage for 2018, as I couldn't afford the I was asked for a state and a zip code. I was connected to an agent, Paula #107. She told me about the PPO, dentist coverage, and 50% on vision care. Told me the monthly fee, and a one-time registration fee, to be withdrawn from my account for January 1, 2018 coverage. I was to receive an email in the next few days explaining my policy, and my cards in the next 5 to 10 business days. I did not receive anything! When I called the customer service number, I heard a recording telling me my phone service would not complete the call because I had to pay for a higher phone plan! At this point I started to research, and found that Perenialcare was a SCAM!!! Customers. Beware!

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  • Nov 14, 2017

(November 2017) DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE FOR YOUR LEGAL HEALTHCARE. Contact the governments health plan offerings or Covered California for a legitimate healthcare plan.

Multiplan PPO is not ACA compliant and you will pay a penalty at year's end for not having healthcare through this fake sounding insurance carrier. Review the website for all the fine print. It pays no claims and passes all cost amounts to you. Their maximums are low and this plan could cost you thousands.

This fake provider of healthcare will take your money, charge you a $180 "asociation fee", that is non-refundable, and leave you broke. This business thrives on the uneducated. Even the educated have been mislead. There are lots of these companies out in the marketplace to take your money each month and leave you with nothing.

Read the link names closely for reliable healthcare such Anthem, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Molina, Kaiser to name a few. Any site that asks for information and calls back within 10 minutes is trying to rip you off. Legit companies will not call you back. You need to call them.

I got screwed and now I am trying to get a full refund. They broke the charges into 2 names and 5 line entries. The refund amount does not equal the amount assessed. I assume I will need to get my bank involved. I only wish I had hung up when they asked for a credit card believing if it sounds to good to be true it is.

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  • Sep 27, 2017

Not impressed

DID my research on this company and it doesn't look good AT ALL. Despite what the person said above. Canceled and talked to a RUDE customer service rep. who was aggressive as to why I wanted to cancel. You know, once a consumer has made up their minds, let them be. The fact that they have to resort to aggressive tactics tells me all I need to know.

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  • Sep 8, 2017

After searching for health insurance on the internet back in oct. 2015 i was bombarded with phone calls!

After listening to the premier series health insurance information on the phone i thought this sounds like a good plan.

I joined and gave the woman on the phone my information and my bank debit card info.

I agreed on a health insurance plan that would cost me $189.95 per month.

Along with an enrollment fee of 99.95 for the first month.

Being a healthy non-smoking adult - i really never explored the plan.

I never used the insurance card - not even once.

But...I found out that i was being scammed and this has been happening since oct. 2015.

This plan is a big zero! it pays for nothing! but it never fails to deduct my premium each and every month.

I hope this outscam can help someone else from losing their money every month.

This is what's sad - i thought i had health insurance!

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  • Aug 17, 2017

I was sucker punched by this company claiming to work for the state of Nevada. Some guy named Chris said he was a broker for NV insurance. Something about working for marketplace. I begged them to cancel as soon as I saw their bad press. They were talking and laughing in the background as I cried about I could not believe they would do this to a person in my situation. Received a cancellation e-mail. They took 200+ from my bank today. Do not fall for this.

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  • Jun 23, 2019

Today, june 24, 2019, i received a call from a multiplan health insurance sales person, who seemed very nice and helpful. He offered me a ppo insurance plan for $369.63/month. Once i refused to give my credit card info over the phone--and began looking them up online--he put his manager on the phone. With candor, she asked, "why don't you give us your credit card?" at that point, i hung up.

Since then, i have received more than a dozen call backs from multiplan from different numbers in my area, which i have "blocked." now, i have read online everything i can find about multiplan inc and it all points to scam. I am thankful, however, that unlike many others, i didn't give my credit card information. I have read several scamion where people gave multiplan their credit card information and had thousands of dollars taken--even after they repeatedly tried cancelling the insurance plan. If you're are wise, you wlil run from multiplan inc.

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  • Apr 22, 2019

PLEASE- Don't do it, SCAM

Thank you for creating this. I'm a well educated adult and I almost fell for it. As I was listening to their script, I was doing research online and came across this page. I then started reading and it turns out they use the same info to trick people into this "amazing" plan. It becomes sketchy when they rush you into signing because "there may be an opening in the group, then you go to lunch and when you come back it's gone" Don't ever fall for a sale with a "sense of urgency" like that. Also, they pretended to "shop for plans" for me, and the lady had "found the most perfect one, because she is THAT good and shopping for plans"

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  • Sep 7, 2018

Multiplan SCAM

Do not engage on their services, scam, cancelled after 2 months, found discount cards for prescription at no cost, they will charge you $20.00/month for prescriptions and got stuck with a $8,000 bill for MRI with a provider they recommended,,, they do not send you paperwork of benefits until you insist for weeks. Very clear on my benefits paperwork "NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY" ALL THEY ARE OFFERING IS MINIMAL DISCOUNTS FROM PROVIDERS

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  • Mar 16, 2018


They are just liars.

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